30 November 2011

Peter Pan Collars and Red Riding Hood's Coat

Velvet Bow
Coat: Topshop via eBay Dress: Topshop Bag: UO Necklace: Accessorize
How chilly has it got recently, it's crazy, but it makes me so happy! I love the cold weather, as it makes wearing my favourite piece of clothing a necessity - the coat! I love just being able to chuck my coat over any outfit, and just feeling nice and warm under it, feeling the winter chill on your hands and face. I saw this coat a couple of Christmas' ago on somebody else and loved how pretty and cute it looked with the bow on the back, plus all of the detailing is in velvet! I really love the Rothschild's coats, and this reminds me of one of them! Anyway, I found this on ebay, and it was made by none other than Topshop, so don't remember seeing it in the shops. 
I cannot believe it's the first of December tomorrow, cannot wait to go home and see my family, and spend my days doing anything and everything relatively Christmassy! 
Sorry about posting only boring outfit posts as of late, my big deadlines are next week, so I haven't really been able to venture out a lot. Cannot wait till it's all handed in! 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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  1. Such a lovely romantic look ! I love the contrast between the lace and the vibrant colours. I want so many stuff you own! You always have good clothes 'jelouss!!!' xx

  2. I love your coat!

  3. Another top class outfit lovely xxx

  4. Your outfit is lovely and so is your coat :)
    nice room btw !


  5. Such a beautiful coat lady! Also love your blouse too. You look adorable, and perfect for winter! I am the most unpractical person ever!
    Will you please rent out your wardrobe for me for a while yeah?xx

  6. I love the coat and that is has velvet detail. Good luck with deadlines.x

  7. Definitely in love with your wardrobe Charlie! I seriously wanted that dress when it first came out, but couldn't afford it at all, and that coat is perfect. I love velvet detailing at the moment. Best of luck with your deadlines! xx

  8. Oh my, your coat is absolutely lovely!


  9. i adore this outfit. your satchel is lovely, plus i love your tartan scarf! xx

  10. gorgeous outfit, that dress looks lovely on you xx

  11. your top and coat are both beautiful! i love the velvet bow detail x

  12. What a sweet jacket. The detail on the back is amazing and it's a lovely colour. I like your scarf and bag, too.

  13. What a perfect outfit! I absolutely adore that coat, and the rocking horse necklace is so sweet...
    Mona x


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