17 November 2011

Snap Happy!

New Camera Roll!
As I said in my last post, I received my new Canon camera yesterday, and have since spent the entire time taking pictures of everything I can find! Here are some that i've taken so far;
Those crazy tapestry print, lethally high wedges are my new shoes from Asos! As unlikely as it looks, they are so unbelievably comfy! So comfy in fact that, if it were not for my paranoia, I would be tempted to wear them to Uni! Well, I suppose they would be more easily worn in a city such as London, compared to rainy, hilly Cornwall! 
I'm still trying to get into the knack of using this camera, and I'm a little bit confused because I bought a wired remote with it, so that I could take outfit post pictures without having to force people to take them for me, however the cable is tiny!! I'm a little bit angry! Does anyone know where I can get a remote for a Canon? Thank you!! Oh, P.S. please excuse my dusty mirror, i'm not very good with dusting, I always forget. Oh, and that's my new winter hat, still a little bit nervous about wearing it out! 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. I got a remote for my canon from amazon, it was really cheap and works perfectly! xx

  2. Ah really, thank you!! I'll have a look! xo.


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