24 November 2011

Charlestown's Wishing

All images c/o weheartit
I might be a little bit on the absent front for the next couple of weeks, with some pretty big deadlines looming. I've been feeling really distant lately, my mind feels all over the place. I don't know what I want to do anymore, I'm really not enjoying my University course at all, and would happily leave if I knew what else I would do. I just feel like i'm not interested enough anymore, and am no longer good enough to be on the course, so I'm going to try and immerse myself as much as possible into my work, looking forward to my family visiting the day after my deadlines, and going home a week after that. As one of my friends told me yesterday, it's the little things that make life happy!
I'll be all back to normal once these essays have been handed in, I've got some exciting posts lined up! Thank you for reading my blog, and even following, it really does mean a lot to me! :)

Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. gorgeous selection of pics love xxx

  2. I love these pics & your blog!

    Satin&Souffles xx

  3. Good luck with all your essays, I have a mountain of uni work to do too :( x

  4. You'll at least feel great when you're done with it! Good luck :)

    I love that first picture! Beautiful!

  5. gorrgeous images, i've reccently become obsessed with weheartit haha. love the first one :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  6. oh my, I am in love. Following.

  7. Don't give up, you'll feel so much better once you've finished your work! I know that feeling when it comes to uni deadlines :) I'll send you some luck anyway, hope the work goes well xoxo

  8. This makes me want to go home and make a den! x


  9. Ohh, the bed fort completely takes my breath away <3 Want want want!

    Lost in the Haze

  10. your socks are so cute!
    following :)


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