17 November 2011

It's always darkest before the dawn

Leopard Print Coat!
Coat: River Island Blouse: New Look Shorts: UO Shoes: New Look Bag: Ebay 

This is the first time that I've ever properly worn this Leopard print coat, i've always been a bit wary of it, thinking the print is a bit too 'showy' for me, all of my coats are extremely plain and simple! I didn't realise how warm it would be, it's so lovely and snuggly, I think I could probably sleep in it, ha!
I bought this blouse the other day from New Look. I've always loved peter pan collars, and this one is sequin too, which just made me love it even more. Lately, it must be the Christmas spirit, I'm being drawn to velvet and sequins. There's so many sequin dresses around at the moment, not sure whether I could pull one off though. 
I've just had a pretty average day really, had a lecture at Uni about politics and spent the rest of the day moping around my room. Is it just me that tends to get fed up around this time of year? I think i'm just ready to go home and spend time with my family, hurry up holidays! Are you doing anything special over Christmas? We always tend to have Christmas at home, with just the close family, eating a massive roast dinner and opening pressies!

Love, Charlestown xoxo.


  1. gorgeous outfit! adore the coat & bag, & i'm after that blouse myself!


  2. Really love this look!! You look stunning lady


  3. I love this coat! I tried a similar one on in New Look but wasn't sure if I could pull off the leopard print..looks lovely on you though! Cute top too.

  4. Gorgeous coat, wish I had one as cosy as that, you look lovely! :)

  5. Gorgeous coat, and what a cute room!

    Penny x

  6. I love the coat it really suits you, urgh you've just reminded me I'm meant to be doing a politics essay right now. I can't wait until christmas.x

  7. Thats a stunning look! I wish i had your legs too :) x x

  8. I need to find this blouse, because it is a beaut of a beaut. And a beaut is wearing it tooo! You look so lovely murray mint you really do! And hello what a fineeeeeeeeeeee leopard print coat you have. xx

  9. Beautiful blouse & coat! I'm also loving velvet and glitter at the moment! There's something so festive about it all!

    And your room looks adorable!

    Leigh xo

  10. You've got such a lovely blog! I'm now following you x


  11. Gorgeous coat - I have one similar and the same problem of having to seriously work up the balls to wear it outside! Your Christmas sounds just like mine will be x

  12. hey lovely. Thanks for contacting me, Well you're lucky to be in Falmouth, there is so much round there! I'm in newquay, which apart from beautiful beaches and a collection of great charity shops, is so surf town.
    I hate commenting into each others posts, drop me an email at holly@thebrannigans.com xo

  13. I love your blog Charlie :) it it adorable. That coat is lovely you pull it off really well :)


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