25 November 2014

Life Lately...

I'm going to start this post a little bit differently in that I'm not going to draw attention to how long it's been since the last one, or how I'm going to be posting so much going forward, because I might or I might not, and I'd rather just enjoy blogging rather than pressuring myself to do it! So instead, I thought I'd show a few little snapshots of what I've been up to recently.

charlestown vintage paris eiffel tower balcony apartment

J'adore Paris!
In October we had a fleeting trip to Paris, one of my favourite cities that I just wish I could live in. From the doors, the tree-lined streets, the noise of the sirens, the nutella pancakes (don't forget the nutella pancakes!) and the beautiful sights, I just really do love it all. We had a beautiful little apartment just a short walk away from the Notre Dame, with it's own traditional iron balcony, that I loved - especially as we could sit there at night watching the Parisians going about their lives with a big ol' glass of peach juice. 

charlestown vintage paris louvre breton stripes OOTD

Pretty sites!
What I love about Paris is that you can just wander around the entire city (it is so big though!), and you'll always see something amazing, whether it's something a little more hidden like the Sainte-Chapelle or the something less so hidden, like the Louvre Pyramids!

charlestown vintage paris blend burgers macaroon laduree

Food, food, food. 
And Paris has some pretty amazing dishes - I could live on a traditional Parisian breakfast of brioche, fresh bread, butter and croissants with jam, as much as my body would hate it! After seeing Blend Burgers cropping up on my Instagram feed quite regularly, I couldn't not visit (especially with sweet potato fries on the menu!). And of course, you can't visit Paris without popping into L'aduree. 

charlestown vintage electric cinema honest burgers jars lemonade

Electric Cinema
After years of wanting to visit and dreaming about relaxing in one of their famous red velvet armchairs, I saw Interstellar at the Electric Cinema. If I could, it'd be the only cinema I ever visit from now on! Also, maybe one too many burgers recently - but with Honest Burgers right next door, how could you not?! 

charlestown vintage topshop dungarees roll neck tartan loafers

Treat yo' self
I jumped on the denim dungaree trend after years of envying Alexa's amazing look - I love wearing them with my trusty, tight roll-neck and tartan scarf. Last week I might have just found the most amazing thing that M&S have ever stocked (and I'm not talking about their food!) - this beautiful gold pineapple is filled with a deliciously Christmassy, yes Christmassy, scented candle! 

charlestown vintage joules onesie costa christmas coffee

It's Christmasss!
And finally, today marks exactly one month to go till Christmas Day, and I've been getting into the festive spirit with my Alpine-themed Joules onesie, hot chocolates with marshmallows, and good ol' Christmas favourites from Costa! 

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