13 March 2013

Wilderness Wanders

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The other day whilst at University, me and Sheri decided to throw caution to the wind and find somewhere nice to finally take some outfit photo's. We're pretty lucky with our campus, with quite a significant part of it being a bit of a wilderness, so what better place to explore as a little break from dissertation work. Although, we did stumble upon a very unusual sculpture that reminded me of something from Harry Potter, let's just say i'll be avoiding that area after dark! If only the bitter cold wind had decided to rest too (which explains my messy hair and grimaces!) I've been lax (just a bit!) with blogging recently, what with dissertation work, essays, visiting home, and being disinterested in my blog. I'm constantly comparing it, and myself, to others, and I no longer want to feel down in the dumps with it! So, after a little blog makeover, thanks to Sheri, and attempts to improve my confidence blog-wise, I am giving myself a kick up the bottom and getting back into the swing of things. So hello *waves*. 

Right, back to work. I'm sat writing this in the library, whilst attempting to force my eyes to stay open after a pretty miserable couple of hours. But it's just one of those days. After spending a good few weeks hoping and crossing all my fingers to hear some good news regarding something that I so badly wanted, I was left feeling pretty disheartened today. Initially feeling a little disappointed and angry with myself, i've realised that it just wasn't meant to be, or maybe just not yet, and that there are plenty more jobs in the sea, right? 

Oh, P.S. I've started selling some clothes on my blog, (just up there ^^^ at the top) where it says 'SHOP'. I've got a lot of peter pan collars, polka dots, and prints to sell, so you know what to do, ha! 
Love, Charlestown xoxo
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Blouse: Topshop
Jumper: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Fur Collar: H&M
Coat: H&M (yawn!)
Boots: Topshop
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