29 July 2015

Warehouse Home's Capsule Collection

Hello there Wednesday! Anyone else wrapped up in jumpers and cradling their cup of tea like it's the middle of winter? I may not be summer's biggest fan, but c'mon now English weather, pull your socks up! 
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen that I've recently started a new role working for Warehouse Home, which is not only super exciting, but also perfect for me in the sense that I get to be surrounded by interiors, design and styling on a daily basis with a company that creates an unrivalled publication and only has amazing things to look forward to. Anyway, I realised I was effectively sitting on a goldmine of interiors goodies and it'd just be crazy not to share them with you! So here goes...
Warehouse Home dedicates a lot of time to supporting and celebrating British Designers and has spent an extensive amount of time working closely with nine talented British designers and brands to create their own exclusive range of products. The Capsule Collection, which was launched with Issue Two of the publication, features 13 different exciting pieces, from furniture to accessories, all of which were designed with the latest interior trends and summer colours in mind, as well as crafted to suit stylish homes and warehouse conversions alike. 
What I personally love about the collection is the fact that each piece is completely unique to Warehouse Home, with each piece having been designed and crafted based on a collaborative creative effort from both sides, as well as the fact that each product was crafted to complement both warehouse conversions and modern homes. I've also got my eye on quite a few of the pieces too, namely ByALEX's 'A Desk' and 'A Stool' and Kreisdesign's Plywood Pegboard. 

See the 13 exclusive designs here!
Each of the 13 items represent several key trends that you'll spot throughout the second issue, such a graphic prints, bright colours and screen prints - which is your favourite? If you're looking to get your hands on one, make sure you act quickly - the exclusive designs are available for 6 months, only from My Warehouse Home!

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16 July 2015

The Ultimate Summer Lingerie

There's something a little taboo about posting underwear on blogs, isn't there? Even though I wouldn't want to share photos of *myself* flaunting it, it is something we wear every day, and they'll even be featured in our #OOTD's (unless you're a commando type of gal), so why not? So let's give it some air time - when it comes to underwear as pretty as this, how could I not share it?

I don't know if anyone else does this, but I always find underwear shopping therapeutic and the perfect way to treat yourself when you're feeling a little bleurgh and under the weather. Especially the case when it comes to Marks and Spencer's underwear; it is just on another level and always has been my go-to place when I want something that looks extra special or for more 'essential' pieces, like backless, strapless, multi-straps, padded... you name it, M&S have it! (As well as the best shortbread, sandwiches, cakes and packaging might I add...). 

So, as you can guess, when Marks and Spencer contacted me recently about trying out some of their lingerie for summer, I jumped at the chance! I immediately headed over to Miss Huntington-Whitely's collection, it's the perfect go-to for anything lacy, feminine, vintage-style, and (cringe) sexy. I opted for two sets that I thought were pretty summery and I'd had my eye on these two for a while!

'Well, black sure ain't summery' I hear you say! I guess it really isn't, but with the lace detailing around the cups and side straps I thought it would look so pretty peeking out underneath loose summery 70's tops and shirts. I'm the sort of clumsy person that'll probably not even realise my top is see-through, so I might as well make sure that what I'm wearing underneath is pretty! I also really love how cups on this bra are half silky-ness and half lace - super gorge. 

One of the main reasons I chose this Rose Lace set was because the colour, which looks even better in real life, is something that is missing from my current underwear selection (aaaaall black) - it's summery, bright, peachy... I could go on, but put simply, I was drawn to the colour like a moth to a headlight! I also love how the set is very feminine and vintage, with high-waisted knickers that are very silky and covered in lots of pretty little details, like bows and pleats that just add the perfect touch. Spoiler alert - the set is also so comfy you don't even feel like you're wearing it and the silkiness is lightweight and cool, which is just what you need in this summer heatwave (which should be coming back at some point!). Have I tempted you yet - just think, 'if it's good enough for Rosie...'
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