19 February 2012

February so far!

A bit of a catch up post! 
First of all, sorry that it's been such a long time since my last post, I can't believe how fast time flies! I was hoping to start posting as soon as my massive essay was due in on the 9th, which has already come and gone, and now it's nearing the end of February already! My month has been a pretty good one so far, with lots of tea and late night snacks to get me through essay writing, and then many other events! My dress came the day before Valentine's, and i'm so in love with it, I'm not particularly a big lover of the colour pink, but this is a really pretty raspberry type colour. I had a lovely Valentine's, Alessio came over and made me dinner, which was amazing, with pink lemonade in my china teacups.
  The other day, I came home from a pretty boring day at University so a lovely package from my mum and dad. The parcel was from Betty's, a tearoom in Yorkshire, and it came with heart shaped chocolates, lemon & lime cake, scones, jam and teabags! The perfect afternoon tea set, thank you!! My mum also bought me 4 four milk jugs the other day, 3 cat shaped and one owl shaped jug, to match my cat teapots! 
  Yesterday, me and Sheri ventured into town, facing torrential rain to get to Dolly's Tearoom, where I had chocolate french toast, so good, and a cup of tea. I had a bit of a naughty day, with cream tea for dinner too!

Thank you for following my blog, and putting up with my neglect over the past month or so; with a massive increase in Uni work and a lack of motivation towards my blog, finding time to blog has been pretty difficult! But i'm now feeling more confident about my blog, and looking forward to my future posts, so thank you so much again for sticking with me, and still taking the time to follow and comment, it really does mean a lot to me!

Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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