7 November 2011

Winter Wishlist No.1

Pretty Patent T-Bars!

As always, when Uni deadlines start to get closer and closer, procrastination becomes more and more harder to escape, and I find myself staring at clothes websites rather than books! I found these t-bars on the UO website, and instantly fell in love! I have a bit of a weakness for t-bar shoes, I love the detailing on these ones, they have a sort of brogue feel, and they're also patent.
After finding these shoes, I soon found myself scouring the internet for possible outfit ideas to match them up with! I've been seeing Romwe being mentioned on quite a few blogs lately, and there's so many nice pieces on there! I'm just a bit worried about the sizing, as most items tend to be labelled as 'one size', however, the pricing seems really reasonable!
All of these pieces above are from Romwe! I really love the wintery feel of all of them, and can just imagine them all with the t-bar shoes, some thick tights, and my winter coat!
I'm really tempted to buy the red skirt and polka dot jumper, I love the sequin collar on it; I can just imagine wearing it on Christmas Day!
Have any of you, my lovely readers, bought anything from Romwe before, would you recommend it? Also, how did you find the sizing if you did, that's the only thing putting me off! :(

Love, Charlestown xoxo.


  1. ooh, i love those t-bar shoes - they're so adorable! also liking the Romwe dress with the peter pan collar :)

    mollie from musicandmollie

  2. im totally with you on the procrastination stance! i have two essays for next week and apparently looking for clothes is way more important!

    im not sure about romwe - like you ive heard about them and the hype surrounding them (i cant believe they post to the uk for free!!) but ive never took the plunge to actually buy anything - im worried about the quality and it getting lost in the post! let me know if you do buy anything!

    lucy xx

  3. The T-bar flats are so gorgeous! I might have to make a sneaky purchase (: Love the little collared, polka dot Romwe jumper as well. xx

  4. I've bought a shirt from there before, I absolutely love it, it was one size, it said about a size 10 on there when im a size 6 but it fits fine, they have the measurements on there so you can sort of tell, shirts and jumpers tend to fit whatever the size, I'm not sure about a skirt though.x

  5. I love the flats, especially the black ones!

    I've been so tempted to put in an order with Romwe but like you, I'm hesitant. If you do decide to put in an order with them, please let us know how the process went! Their clothes are super gorgeous (I really like your choices, too!) xx

  6. I've just found Romwe too they have an amazing selection, there are so many things that I want though! I especially love that velvet shirt xx

  7. They are adorable! Thank you for bringing them to my attention, great outfit choices too :)

  8. love your blog dear (:

    newest follower :D!!




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