26 July 2016

The Dream Travel Destination for 2016: Casa Cook, Rhodes

First of all, sorry for the mega-long post but there were just too many amazing photos to choose from that I couldn't settle for only showing a few. As you can see, every space, every room and every detail has been cleverly thought about at Casa Cook. The hotel, the first of it's kind designed by a team at Thomas Cook, is designed to appeal to the trend-conscious and design-savvy traveller, someone looking for a space that is inspired by the latest interior trends whilst still feeling like a home, with personal touches and a laid-back vibe. (There is even an in-house yoga team with daily classes and a store where you can buy some of the furniture and accessories found across the hotel!)

Casa Cook is made up of multiple quintessentially Grecian low white buildings, all nestled into the rugged hillside of Rhodes island. I love how the modern buildings, with their large black framed windows and flat roofs, stand out against it's stark and rustic surroundings - but the landscape hasn't been lost inside, with furniture and lighting made featuring natural materials like leather, rattan, jute and bamboo. Another aspect I love is that every room (yes, every single room) has direct pool access with white hammocks floating over the blue water, yes please! 

I stumbled across the amazing boho/scandi gem that is Casa Cook whilst looking for inspiring interiors for my (soon-to-be) new flat and was pleasantly surprised to see it was an off-shoot of Thomas Cook. I realise that there's hardly a shortage when it comes to boutique hotels, but I love that Thomas Cook has created a design destination that can be more attainable at a lower cost. Let's hope this is the start of a long line of boho boutique hotels from them! 

Still dreaming about the cool monochrome palette matched with natural textures and tropical touches? Get the look below:
1. Large Wicker Hanging Lamp from Out There Interiors
2. Triangle Cushion Cover from H&M Home
3. Patterned Cushion Cover from H&M Home
4. Viktigt Basket from Ikea
5. Fladis Basket from Ikea
6. Butterfly Chair from Mink Interiors | Similar from Amara
7. Wool Pom Pom Blanket from Bohemia
8. Alseda Stool from Ikea
9. Hee Lounge Chair by Hay from Nest
10. Agna Rug from Cox & Cox
11. Cement tiles from Mink Interiors 

Photos by Georg Roske for Casa Cook

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