23 November 2012

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..

Tea Dress: Topshop (old)
Jacket: Vintage via eBay
Platform Loafers: Primark (old)
Made in Britain Seamed Tights: Gift 
Photo's by Sarah Holliday
Blitz Night at Dolly's! 
A couple of weeks ago I marched back to the 1940's and became a Wartime troop entertainer for Blitz Night at Dolly's Tearoom in town. I put on my tea dress, 1940's power shoulder woollen jacket & seamed tights, and made my best attempt at victory rolls. It took a lot of panicking, sweat and tears, but I just about managed to get my hair to stay up and somewhat resemble the epitome of forties hair fashion (only with the help of about half a bottle of hairspray though..). If I had a bit more patience, and wasn't so useless with a curling tong, I would have victory rolls all the time, but then the forties are one of my favourite eras for fashion and if I had it my way, we would all dress like that today. But anyway, it was really nice to just dress up for the night, being able to just forget about the pile of books and articles waiting for me at home. The decorations in Dolly's itself just made the night even better, with blackout windows, dimmed lights and candles, sandbags outside, and even Hebe (the tearoom's resident dog with a penchant for a pearl necklace) was dressed up as an evacuee! We were welcomed with cocktails and wartime entertainment, think a chipper piano player/crooner and a singer with a voice to rival Vera Lynn! Being close to Remembrance Day, and with the night ending with sing-alongs, including 'We'll meet again' and 'Land of Hope and Glory', it was a really lovely and different way to honour those who fought for us and lost their lives during the Wars. Thank you Dolly's Tearoom for a lovely, and really memorable, night out!!

As i'm writing this I am in my usual work get-up; leggings, fox socks (which I can't stop staring at) and a messy bun, and I'm onto my third cup of tea (oops). But this work will be overcome today, especially as i'm going out dressed as a Bond Girl for a Martini/Bond Night tonight! I'm going to attempt to emulate Miss Moneypenny, with a beehive, flicked eyeliner and a matching two-piece suit. What do you think, if all else fails there's always Goldfinger's all-gold girl, that would be a sight for sore eyes ha! What's your favourite era for fancy dress? Hope you all have a lovely Friday evening! 
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
Thank you to Sarah Holliday for the beautiful photographs! 

17 November 2012

I like it in the city when two worlds collide

Description of Photo
Polka-dot Midi Dress: Miss Selfridge
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: Edinburgh Woollen Mill
Hat: New Look
Boots: Office
Socks: Madewell
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Polka Dots & Red Tartan;
Eek, I don't think that I am quite 100% sure about this outfit! Looking back at the images now, I really don't think the jacket, or the boots, look quite right. But oh well, I love the dress, and that's all that matters! I bought this dress at the end of Second Year from the a sale at Miss Selfridge, and as much as I love it, the length has put me off just a little, and as I tend to wear belts with everything it causes the skirt to hitch up and just look a bit silly. But it has really lovely lace detail (you can't really see it here), and of course, I love the polka dots. But I think next time i'll definitely wear it with a longer coat, one that doesn't make me look quite manly on the top half of my body, ha!
I've had a pretty good start to the weekend this morning, with a bacon sarnie and cup of tea for breakfast followed by a couple of hours lazing about in my room, to make up for a couple of stressful days that I've had this week. Thank you for the good lucks for my presentation, it went really well and a lot better than I thought, even if I did stumble over my words a few too many times. What are you all up to this weekend? Have any of you seen Twilight yet, me and my fellow 'twi-hard' (lame!) housemates are seeing it tomorrow, and I hear we are in for a treat!

P.S. Does anyone know if Cornwall feels the effects of the changing seasons a little later than the rest of the UK? I keep seeing blog posts filled with beautiful fallen leaves and autumnal hues, and I haven't seen a hint of it here! I want to be able to walk through a sea of leaves and throw them into the air, and be able to see all the pretty golden colours when I look out of my window at my desk. It's making me miss being at home even more, the village looks so beautiful during the Autumn. Please Cornwall, sort it out. 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.

13 November 2012

A little chat with Lydia Rose Bright

I'm not sure if you know by now, but I am an avid fan of The Only Way is Essex. I'm not usually one for reality television programmes, but I can't help but watch TOWIE without enjoying a giggle or two, I have also learnt quite a few words to add to my vocabulary! Whatever? No really! I also find myself wishing that I could walk around in heels or wedges down the high street, or even at the beach (how do they do it?!), without keeling over after an hour. With most of the girls showcasing their glamourous, sparkly, bodycon outfits, and let's not lie, stereotypical Essex look, Lydia Rose Bright stands out with her classic and vintage style. I always look forward to seeing how she styles her latest high-street pieces in a classic/vintage way, never failing with a pair of killer heels, and she always seems to be ahead of the rest of us with pieces from upcoming brands, like Virgo's Lounge. 
With her first ever Autumn/Winter collection being released this month, featuring limited edition vintage-style dresses, (think lace, glitter and timeless glamour!), I couldn't wait to feast my eyes on the pieces. So when I was able to have a little chat with her about the collection, I was eager to find out about what inspired her designs!


What was the inspiration behind your new A/W collection?
As this is my first collection, I wanted it to reflect the eras of style that I love, and my own signature style. I wanted it to have the glamour of the 1950s, and there’s also a bit of Gatsby-esque 1920s referencing in there . I’ve also taken a lot of time to research trends, to bring everything up to date, and make sure the shapes are contemporary and wearable. Actual vintage can often come in weird shapes and sizes.

What's your favourite piece in the collection?
It’s difficult to choose one, but I do love the Elizabeth dress – a burgundy lace piece with tulip shaped skirt and off-the-shoulder detail. I love the colour for winter and it’s so sophisticated and feminine.

When did you first become interested in fashion?
There isn’t really a certain time that stands out. Fashion’s in my family so it’s pretty much in the genes! My Mum was in fashion, my Nan, and my Aunt – in buying and design – so we’ve always talked about and loved fashion.

Describe the perfect girl for your collection?
Olivia Palermo. Someone who likes to look glam at all times, but keeps it sophisticated with subtle trend references.

What is your favourite decade for fashion?
Easy, 1950s!


Who is your style icon?
Marilyn Monroe! Love everything about her; I’ve been copying her style since I was 13!

How would you describe your style in three words?
Feminine, elegant and erm, vintage!

What's your favourite go-to outfit?
Probably a Little Black Dress and heels. Looks good by day or night. Whatever I’m doing, I always like to dress up!

Can you recommend the best places to find vintage?
East London is amazing – Brick Lane. Beyond Retro’s warehouse on Cheshire Street is a must!

What's your favourite high street store to visit for the best pieces?
I love Miss Selfridge as they do good vintage interpretations. New Look for basics, Lipsy for some of their newer pieces

and finally, are there any upcoming brands that you've got your eyes on?
There’s a cool brand called Virgo’s Lounge that I like!


I'm so in love with this collection, and I think i'm definitely going to have to get my hands on the white flapper style dress, perfect for Christmas! Thank you Lydia! The Lydia Rose Bright Limited Edition launches today and you can find her pieces at Lipstick BoutiqueNew Look, LipsyVery and Bella Sorella Boutique

I hoped you enjoyed the first ever interview on my little blog, I'd love to do some more in the future! 
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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Images c/o of BPublic Relations

12 November 2012

A Leopard cannot change his spots!

Leopard Print Coat: River Island
Black Body: New Look
High-waist Jeans: Topshop
'Bad Bardot' Leopard Print Pumps: c/o Redfoot

How have three weeks flown by so quickly?! I also can't quite believe that I have neglected my blog for such an amount of time, well, I suppose I sort of can. Since my last post life has been pretty hectic, what with Halloween parties, spending some much needed time at home for a couple of days, panicking about Uni work, dressing up as a wartime troop entertainer and avoiding photo's due to sporting a rather large (and colourful) bruise/lump on my arm after my first time giving blood. After a very relaxing weekend, with some pretty amazing food (including my first Roast in 3 months!) and seeing my first ever Bond film, i've decided to pull my socks up and get back into blogging. 

I really, really love leopard print, particularly when it's featured in a sixties styled outfit, with lots of black, red lips and a beehive. So when Redfoot contacted me regarding their new a/w collection, I couldn't resist wearing their 'Bad Bardot' Leopard print pumps without harking back to the likes of Twiggy and Bardot (of course!) with a beehive and lots of black. As the print isn't too OTT, they make a plain outfit a little special, and i'm going to be brave and pair them with clashing prints as well. Eek!
Redfoot are holding a competition at the moment for bloggers, with a chance to win £200 worth of vouchers and a chance to style your own photo-shoot, so take a peek! I know i'll definitely be entering! 
P.S. I have a very exciting interview coming up on my blog, from a very stylish lady who is on television quite a lot!
Right, better get back to my evening of reading for a presentation I have coming up this week, cue a panicky Charlie. 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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