28 May 2012

Tie your hair in ribbons & lace & wear pearls around your neck

Pink Lace Dress: Topshop ~ Clutch Bag: New Look ~ Wedges: Peacocks ~ Socks: Madewell

Vintage Lace, Pastel Nails, Heels with Socks & Clutch;
Hello! Sorry about my absence this past week, I had my last exam on Wednesday and since it's been gloriously sunny in Falmouth. I've since spent nearly every day lazing about in the sun, either on the beach or in our garden. It was my belated University birthday on Friday and it was a really lovely day. I went into town for breakfast with Alessio, Melanie and Natalie, and had a picnic in the garden with squash in our tea-set and jubilee cupcakes! Then in the evening we had tapas & cocktails in teacups at Dolly's Tearoom, which was lovely,  and amazingly there was a 50's style jive band in the bar, which was best music to dance to! 
This is the outfit I wore for my birthday night, I saw the dress on the Topshop website and fell in love with it straight away. It reminded me of one they had for sale last year, that sold out before I could get my hands on it. But I love the colour of this one, even if I was a bit intimidated by the paleness, I was worried it'd just make me look even paler!
Look how cute the cat teapot is! They had SO many in every shape/colour you could imagine! Dolly's Tearoom really is a lovely little place, it's pretty hidden but it's like a little gem in the high street, if you ever visit Falmouth, or Cornwall for that matter, you really should take a little visit! They really do the best cream teas, if you follow me on instagram, you'll have seen my massive chocolate cake last week, ha! 
Thank you to all of my new readers, i've been guilty (again) of being a bit absent from the blogging world, due to the lovely sunny weather at the moment! But i'm going to dedicate tomorrow to catching up on my favourite blogs!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.

21 May 2012

'Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone

Dress: Zara ~ Frilly Socks: Topshop ~ Rose Loafers: Russell & Bromley ~ Cat-eye Sunglasses: H&M 

Peter Pan Collar, Top-Knot & Frilly Socks in Rose Loafers;
  Hello! Hope you're all having a lovely Monday! I'm very much looking forward to this week with my last exam on Wednesday and summer appearing at the perfect time for post-exam celebrations on the beach! I've been doing some revision today for my exam, but I've also been having my breaks in our back garden, relaxing in the lovely warm sun; thank you Falmouth!
  Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post, I can't wait till Wednesday when I can actually have time to properly read and comment on other blogs. This dress came in the post today, which made my Monday morning just that little bit better. It's so pretty, I love the colour, and the fit is perfect! If you follow me on Instagram (charlestown92) you'll have seen earlier that I felt just a little bit childish in my frilly socks and loafers, but socks and shoes are my weakness! I think it's probably because I could happily live in tights all year round, and get a tad nervous getting my 'pasty pins' out in the sun, socks (as silly as it sounds) are a bit of a middle ground, ha! I got these socks over Easter from Topshop, with a mint green and a pale pink pair too! I really love this outfit, I feel like I haven't been able to dress like 'me' for a while because of exams, but they're so nearly finished! Along with the girly-ness and frills, I felt a bit like a ballerina, hence that silly pose!
  Hope you're Monday is treating you well too, if not there's always Made in Chelsea tonight! (Another one of my not-so-secret weaknesses!) 

  Love, Charlestown xoxo.
P.S. Thank you to all of you lovely new readers, I can't wait till Wednesday to have a peek at your blogs! 

19 May 2012

What Charlestown Did: Celebrated the Olympic Torch!!

The Olympic Torch in Falmouth!
Today the Olympic torch set off on it's 70-day relay around the UK, with Cornwall being the first county visited, and as I study in Falmouth I couldn't miss the opportunity of witnessing the torch go through the little seaside town. It's been a pretty special day, I don't think i've ever seen it so busy! When the parade was making it's way through the high street, all you could see were Union Jacks and the Cornish flag, as you can see, I had my flag at the ready! Me and my housemate Melanie ventured into town a bit earlier to get some pictures, which was a pretty good decision seeing how busy it got just a little later on! Not only was it lovely to see such an event, it felt really nice to be out of the house for a little bit! 
Bunting, bunting, bunting;
After the Olympic torch paraded through the town, it came right past my house, so me and Alessio had a bit of a rush back to see it again! It's been a really lovely day, I feel so lucky to have witnessed it, and so close too! It was also really lovely to see the entire town out to  cheer on the torch, and to witness the town all decorated in the Olympic spirit! I'm pretty looking forward to the Olympics now, it's not everyday your country gets to host the games, and it'll probably only happen once in our lifetimes!
Does the Olympic torch pass through your town? I think it's also visiting pretty close to where I live at home, so I might get another chance to see it again! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Oh, I set up a Facebook page for my blog, so that all of my posts/news/updates can be in one place, feel free to like it if you want! Thank you!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.

16 May 2012

I'm a puppet on a string, Tracy Island, time-travelling diamond;

Dress: Whistles via ASOS ~ Coat: Monki ~ Shoes: H&M ~ Bag: Urban Outfitters

Feeling Dotty;
  So i'm pretty much head over heels in love with this dress! I lusted over it for such a long time, but it was really out of my price range. Feeling pretty optimistic, I looked for it on ASOS, and there it was in the sale, half price! And so of course, I bought it! Sorry if you follow me on Instagram (charlestown92) as you would have seen quite a few pictures of it already, I really do love it that much! It's quite unusual on, as it has little tugs at the sides to cinch in the waist. But I suppose that's pretty handy after a large meal, ha! 
  As you can probably guess, I didn't actually wear this today, I was in my usual leggings and tee look for hardcore revision. But i'm not entirely cheating, I did wear this last night for my housemate's 21st birthday party, which was amazing. But yes, as of next Wednesday, I can banish my desk for a while and my leggings, and actually leave my house properly! I love Falmouth in the summer, if you have never been I would really recommend it. It's such a lovely seaside town, and i'm sure Ella Masters could vouch for me too when I say this!
  Right, back to revision! Oh, and TOWIE is on tonight, haven't seen it in such a long time! Has anyone been watching the Scandinavian drama, The Bridge, on BBC4? You really should, it's such a good crime/detective drama, i'm pretty much obsessed! 
  Hope you all have a lovely evening!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
(PS. Thank you to the wonderful Emily for these photo's!)

14 May 2012

Chelsea Boots & Faux-Fur Collared Leather

Leather Jacket: H&M ~ Shirt: Zara ~ High-waist Jeans: Topshop ~ Chelsea Boots: River Island ~ Scarf: Edinburgh Woollen Mill ~ Sunglasses: H&M

End is in sight!
So I had my second exam today, i'm so close to the end of my second year at University! Today actually went really well, it was the exam of one of my favourite modules, Crime & Punishment in America, amazing! 
  Now I sort of have to admit how this outfit isn't really that 'me'. I don't tend to wear jeans, usually sticking to more girly skirts and dresses (usually with collars ha!), but as i've only been getting dressed for exams, jeans are the easiest things for me to chuck on. But I think my love for them is actually growing, shock horror. Although, there's so many pretty skirts and dresses out there that I want to get my hands on, has anyone seen the bunny skirt from Topshop, so cute!
  Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my latest post, for some reason I was pretty nervous about posting it, but now I can't wait to post something interiors related! Not only am I looking forward to the start of June as it brings the end of my exams and a week with my family in a Cornish cottage, but also the Diamond Jubilee! I really, really love Royal Memorabilia, I have quite a few of old Jubilee teacups and saucers and recently bought the new tin from M&S. I really want to have a proper Great British party, with lots of red, white & blue bunting, and traditional British food. Oh and of course, lots of tea. Are any of you doing anything special for the day? I'm not too sure if my village at home is having a street party, I hope so though! I'm going to be posting some of my favourite Jubilee finds sometime this month, and there's quite a few goodies, trust me!
  Sorry this post only has outfit pictures, I haven't had anything else to photograph lately, other than my mass of revision notes! Hope revision and deadlines are going okay for everyone, just remember that summer is just around the corner!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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12 May 2012

It's a new dawn, it's a new day;

Wishful Wanderings;
I've been thinking quite a lot lately about how I view the content of my blog, and how I want my blog to actually be. I've also noticed how i've been feeling more and more fed up with my blog, and it's always usually over the same thing; content. Sometimes I feel that there is nothing about my blog that is particularly different, or makes it stand out, especially as blogging is now such a massive phenomena. I do love outfit posts, they're really fun to do, and I love seeing others outfits! But I really want my blog to be a bit more personal maybe, in terms of my interests.
  After University, I really want to have a career on the lines of magazine editorial or writing, and there's one magazine that I always look forward to buying at the end of each month. I really, really love home interiors magazines, and am really interested in interior designs, with the changes in styles through the seasons. And so, I think i'm going to maybe involve this interest more in my blog, starting with my favourite designs, or products, of the month! I hope you will all finding it interesting to read, I've never really written about home interiors, or decorative accessories etc, but it's something that I really take an interest in, so i'm going to give it a go. 
Also, a couple of posts ago, I mentioned an Internship I have coming up in July. It's with my favourite magazine, Homes & Antiques! I'm so unbelievably excited, it's a dream come true for me! So this ties in pretty nicely with what I have planned for the future of this blog! I'll still be having all of my usual posting too! 
What do you think about my suggestion? I really hope you're interested in my upcoming plans! And let me know if you have anything particular you'd like to see!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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11 May 2012

Floral Pleated Dress and a Floppy Hat!

Dress: Chelsea Girl by River Island ~ Hat: New Look ~ Wedges: Peacocks ~ Sunglasses: H&M

My 'William Morris' Dress;
My first, and most definitely worst exam was today, but it's now over and so I never have to study British Politics again! Hooray! (Well, one of my modules next year is called 'Thatcher & Thatcherism, but shh!) For some reason, I was so nervous about it, probably because it was my least favourite module, and I didn't feel overly prepared. But oh well, summer feels so close now, only three more exams to go. Plus, the weather in Falmouth today has been lovely, so sunny and warm! I definitely wanted to spend a little bit of time in the sun, and decided to celebrate getting the worst out of the way with some outfit pictures! Ha! How amazing is the print on this dress, my housemate Natalie (who studies Textiles) called it a William Morris dress, and it really does look like some of this work. The pleats on the skirt are so tight too, it's a really pretty effect! 

Hmm, there's something I want to say, but I feel very silly saying it, however everyone always says 'if you don't ask, you don't get' so here goes! There's a little thing called the Cosmo Blog Awards coming up, and there are some really amazing blogs out there that definitely deserve to be nominated! I know my blog doesn't have the most followers, the best pictures, and that there are SO many amazing blogs out there that probably deserve it more than me, but blogging is something that I've really come to adore in such a short space of time. It's become such a big part of my life, and it's something that I truly love doing! It really would be a dream come true for me to even be nominated! So, if you would like to, I would LOVE for you to nominate my blog for Best Newcomer, (which you can vote for here). 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.
(P.S. Do you like my little Monroe moment going on there? Wasn't staged, promise!)
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7 May 2012

Leopard Print, Mint Jeans & Swedish Hasbeens

Leopard Shirt: Zara ~ High-waist Mint Jeans: Miss Selfridge Swedish Hasbeens: H&M

Break Time!
Hope you're all having a lovely, relaxing Bank Holiday. I'm spending mine revising for my upcoming exam on Friday. Oh I cannot wait for them to be over, especially as my family are coming to stay in a cottage not too far away for a week. So at least I have something lovely to look forward to!
On my little revision break, after quickly scoffing lunch, I may have forced Alessio to take some outfit pictures, thank you! I'm still getting used to having someone else take my pictures, but luckily there's a fair few alleyways near our house. These jeans were a birthday present from my family, and if you can tell from one of my other blog posts, I love, love, love the new pastel colours this summer, especially mint. Plus, when it comes to jeans, I'm  can only ever wear them if they're high-waist, I feel really uncomfortable if they're not, so these really are perfect for me. I realise in my last post I was also wearing something with an animal print, clearly i'm pretty obsessed! It's not too clear in the picture, but the print is of little leopards! 
Sorry my posts have been pretty far and between, I've been feeling pretty fed up with my blog as of late, and have come so close to deleting it a fair few times. But after a proper think, and some lovely help from Olivia, i've realised that it's come pretty far, and it'd be silly to just give it up as a result of not liking the images of one post, etc. So, thank you for reading my blog, and sticking with it!
I've got four exams this month, but i'm not planning on ignoring my blog, so hopefully i'll be posting next week! Good luck with all of your revision, exams, dissertations, etc!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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2 May 2012

Scottie Dogs, Mac & Pointy Shoes

Mac Coat: Zara Dress: H&M Shoes: H&M Sunglasses: H&M 

 A sunny day in paradise!
The weather has been pretty amazing in Falmouth today! Not that i've really experienced it being in my room revising. But at least it's not chucking it down with rain, or thunder-storming like it has been for what feels like the entirety of my Easter break! It's days like today that make me truly appreciate studying in Cornwall, I can't wait till the end of this month when all of my exams are over and I can stroll to the beach for a celebratory clotted cream ice-cream! But for now, revision must take it's toll. Anyway, I didn't really wear this outfit today, I spent the majority of it in leggings and a t-shirt, but when boredom set in and I noticed the summery-ness outside, I persuaded Alessio to take these pictures. I love this dress, the print is of little Scottie Dog's wearing red bows, which I managed to grab in the H&M sale over Christmas. It was one of those cases where I saw the print a mile away, grabbed it, and thankfully it was in my size! Lately i'm a sucker for prints on clothing, I recently bought the Leopard face-print shirt from Zara, and now they have an owl one, so cute! Do you have any clothes with a cute animal print? I've seen quite a few in Asos at the moment! What's the weather been like where you are? Is Summer finally showing it's face? If it hasn't, I hope it does soon for you! 
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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