31 December 2011

A day out in Royal Tunbridge Wells!

And a bit of an OTT shirt?
Hello everyone! Hope everybody had an amazing Christmas! I can't believe how quickly it came and went, and all of a sudden it's New Years Eve! Anyway, yesterday I went to Tunbridge Wells with one of my best friends from school, and we had lunch in the new tearoom called Juliet's. It was like stepping back in time inside, with British coloured bunting, old-fashioned framed paintings, miss matched chairs and tables and of course, pretty china! It was a really lovely day, and it was so nice to spend a day with someone I hadn't seen since September. 
I never really wear any loud prints or colours, but I saw this shirt on the Zara website ages ago and it was all sold out. I randomly spotted it in the sale the other day, and being the last one left, I bought it even though it's a couple of sizes to big, but I really love the fit and the print, I've worn it non-stop since I bought it! Ha! I also wore my new Russel and Bromley's, which I got for Christmas, they still haven't left my feet since, and doubt they will for a while! 
Tonight I'm going to a family friends house tonight for fireworks and celebrations which should be lovely! I always used to be terrified of fireworks but now I really love them, they're so pretty! What are you all doing tonight, or do you, like me, not really understand why New Years Eve is so crazily celebrated?! I suppose it is nice to know that a year is over, with a new one bringing hope and opportunities. I'm planning a resolution's post, I really writing down what I'm planning or hoping to achieve in the year, just so that I can look back and see how it's really panned out! Happy New Year everyone!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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25 December 2011


M e r r y  C h r i s t m a s ! M e r r y  C h r i s t m a s ! M e r r y  C h r i s t m a s !
Hope you are all having an amazingly merry Christmas!! 
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
(photo; Cath Kidston card)

23 December 2011

"Elementary, my dear Watson."

Borrowing Sherlock Holmes' coat!
Coat: H&M Shirt: Monki Shorts: Sister Jane via ASOS Shoes: River Island Bag: Urban Outfitters Jewellery: Accessorize & gifts
This is the new coat I wrote about the other day, from H&M, the one discounted to half price! I'm in love with the cape bit that covers the shoulders, I don't know if it's that clear in the pictures? Oh well! This was the outfit I wore today, which really didn't include that much apart from going to Tonbridge Wells to find some Christmas shoes for my little sister, and buying some cinnamon pretzels! Tonight we're going out for a Christmas meal in the Village pub, and then Christmas Eve is tomorrow, how crazy?! 2011 has flown by, hopefully 2012 will be an amazing year!
We've been getting into the Christmas spirit here, making jam tarts and mince pies, listening to Christmas music, and decorating the house! Are you feeling Christmassy yet? What makes you feel extra festive? 

I just want to say that I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Hope you all get to spend some lovely time with family and friends, eating a lot and having fun! 
Thank you to everyone that has read my blog this past year, and has followed, it means so much to me, I can't believe I started properly blogging in September, I feel like it's come a long way since then, so thank you!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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21 December 2011

'Skating' at Somerset House!

Make-shift night out at the Diner!
So, the title of this post is a bit of a lie, sorry! These are just a few pictures of one of my recent outings to London lately, (I'll post the other's soon!). The first time I went, me and Alessio were planning on ice-skating in Somerset House, but for some reason we just didn't book it, and found out when we arrived that it's been booked up since the start of December?! Our fault really! So instead we walked to Carnaby Street for dinner at the Diner. I'd never been before, but have been wanting to go since the summer! The wait was so long, but it was so worth it! There were booths and all traditional diner-stuff inside, but there was a bit of a modernised London twist, if that makes any sense whatsoever! It was pretty dark in there though, so all of my pictures have either come out nearing pitch black, or bright yellow, so annoying!! I have a bit of a weird obsession with American diner's so I really could not visit this one, especially as i've been a bit deprived since the one in my University town closed down. Plus, sometimes a good burger and chips just makes everything better! 
Christmas in only four more days, how crazy! We're making some jam tarts and mince pies later, so I might put a post up about it tomorrow, if you'd be interested? 
Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas festivities!!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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19 December 2011

Winter Wonderland!

A (mini) Winter Wonderland, Cadbury Cocoa House and some last minute shopping!
Today me and Alessio attempted to tackle the crazy shopping centre nearby for some last minute Christmas shopping. I really am not going to leave it so late next year, but thank god I'm all finished, such a relief!! A whole new 'entertainment' area has been opened, with so many restaurants, and a winter wonderland set in New York! Everything, and I mean everything, was in keeping, with 'subway' maps, mini Ed's Diner food stalls, and even a Statue of Liberty! The ice skating rink looked amazing too, but it was just so busy!
In between the frantic rushing around, swerving in between other shoppers, we stopped and had lunch in Cadbury Cocoa House. It really is lovely inside, with massive jars of all of our favourite chocolates and sweeps throughout the room, teacups and saucers on the wall, and an old-fashioned tearoom feel in the corner. I had a sausage 'butty' and a cup of tea, of course, which was delicious! I feel so relieved that all of christmas shopping has been done, and I was even able to buy a coat that I've been eyeing up for ages from H&M, which was half price!!

Sorry about the picture heavy post! I've been carrying my camera round and snapping shots like crazy lately, there's just so many things to take pictures of, what with all the pretty Christmas-sy things going on! I'm going to London tomorrow with my mum and sister's, and having lunch in Liberty's so expect a post on that soon! 
Thank you to all of my new readers, it's really lovely to know that my blog is regularly read! Thank you! Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas so far, not even a week left now, eek!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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14 December 2011

you know you could never make me love you more.

Back home for Christmas!
Blouse: H&M Skirt: H&M Coat: Topshop Scarf: Edinburgh Woolen Mill Bag: Urban Outfitters
I've been a bit absent on the blogging front, and I'm really sorry! I've just been pretty caught up with Uni work, which was all due in last week, phew, then my family came and stayed for the weekend, and then yesterday I tackled the 6 hour journey home and made it back last night!
  My first day back at home has been lovely so far, it was my little brother's Nativity play with his nursery, which was pretty funny to watch, having about 30 three & four year olds singing 'Little Donkey' and dancing to 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'. Now, i'm just about to go out with my mum to choose our Christmas tree! I love Christmas tree's so much, especially the smell, I'm just really not keen on the decorating, does anyone else think it seems so exciting and fun until you actually get round to doing it, and then it's just so time-consuming haha, and it never turns out how you planned! I've still got my mess of a room to sort out, I think I brought nearly my entire wardrobe home, which is just spread out across my floor, ha! Oops! 
As you can see, I brought way too many jumpers back, but how could I choose between these jumpers though?! They're all Christmas-sy! The other picture is just a little bit of my room, as the majority of my stuff is at Uni, my room at home is pretty empty, I really want to decorate it, but i'm not too sure how I want it!
  Is anyone going to the Blogger event with MyStreetChic on Friday? I've bought my ticket, but i'm not too sure if i'm going. I'm really nervous that I won't know/recognise anyone there, and would be arriving on my own, which I really hate doing! If you're thinking of going, please let me know!
Love, Charlestown xoxo. 

4 December 2011

Cocktails for two, please!

Tea Society's Vintage Cocktail Evening!

Friday night was the Tea Society's Cocktail evening, and the last event before we break up for Christmas. The theme was vintage, so everyone was dressing up in their favourite era's outfits, and for me it was the 40's. I love seeing images of women and teenagers during the War, the hairstyles, elegant shapes, plainer colours and shoes with socks! We started off in my favourite tearoom/cocktail bar Dolly's (where I've been before quite a few times, ha!) and ordered quite a few of the delicious cocktails that arrived in teapots and teacups! 
Jacket: eBay Blouse: H&M Skirt: Borrowed from Melanie Shoes: Primark Socks: Madewell Bag: Charity Shop
I had such an amazing night, it was really lovely to see everyone dressed up from their favourite era, even if it was a little surreal when we went into a club later on in the evening! I recently bought this blouse from H&M, and the fit was so perfect for my outfit, cinching in at the waist and with powerful shoulders. My jacket is from a vintage shop on eBay, and the skirt I borrowed from Melanie, in the picture above with me! If you ever visit Falmouth in Cornwall, you really should visit Dolly's Tearoom, it's such a lovely little gem, with cocktails with unusual names in miss-matched china. I had a Flapper's Delight, which was made up of vodka, apple juice & vanilla, and the campari and cranberry juice Queen of Hearts. 
My weekend has been pretty lazy, even though I have a pretty massive deadline this Thursday, I really need to pull my socks up! Hopefully Friday will come by pretty quickly as y family are coming to stay this weekend, and I can't wait to take them to Dolly's, I know my mum will love it so much! Then after that, only one more week at University before I endure the six hour journey home!

Have you ever dressed up for a vintage theme before, which era would you choose? For me it's usually the forties or the sixties! Do you have anywhere near you, like my Dolly's, that you've fallen in love with?

Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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1 December 2011

Pinch punch, first day of the month!

Hello December!

Some of the things I'm looking forward to this month:

001. Spending time with my family, it feels like this term has been the longest one yet!
002. Giving out secret santa gifts
003. My University House's roast dinner and faux-Christmas day!
004. Being in my new house at home, putting all the decorations up around the house, and of course the Christmas Tree!
005. My little brother's third birthday. How is he three already?!
006. Handing in my essays next week, and having my family come to stay the day after!
007. Turning on of the Christmas lights in Falmouth tonight
008. Visiting all of the Christmas fairs around Kent with my family
009. Lazing around the house, snuggling up in the living room near the fire with my two dogs
010. Going out for walks in the chilly weather in hundreds of layers and my trusty Hunter wellies
011. Seeing all of my friends from home, who I haven't seen since September
012. My mum's hot chocolate and jam tarts
013. Christmas television and all of the cheesy Christmas films, how can anyone not like Elf?!
014. Visiting Christmas-sy London, it always looks so beautiful around Christmas time with the pretty lights everywhere and stalls selling sugary sweet goodness
015. Going to the Christmas Blogger Meet in Bristol on the 16th. Can't wait to meet everyone, feeling pretty nervous though!
016. Christmas Day. Eating way too much of my mum's delicious roast dinner, giving out and receiving gifts, watching television, just generally lazing around with the people I love! 

What are you looking forward to this month? I can't believe it's December already!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.

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