13 July 2013

My Summer Holiday Saviour!

charlestown vintage summer holiday kikis boutique
charlestown vintage summer holiday kikis boutique
charlestown vintage summer holiday kikis boutique
Whilst wallowing in self pity and swimming in a sea of dissertation scribblings, I was kindly sent this beautiful travel wallet by Disaster Designs from Kiki's Boutique. I have to say, having this arrive through my post box was probably the highlight of my week, scrap that - fortnight! I have to admit, i'm not the most organised person around, and so for me to go on a holiday without any troubles or panics requires a lot of packing and planning, ha. And that's why this travel wallet is so perfect. First of all, you can keep your passport, tickets, travel documents and all your money (even pennies!) safe. Secondly, need I say it - look at how pretty and cute it is! I've always been a fan of Disaster Designs, what with their cutesy designs and always so cleverly placed compartments, adding in the fact that it will keep all of my important things safe, this will definitely be in my hand luggage on my trip to Florida - which is now just under a fortnight away!

Hope you're all experiencing this summery Saturday wherever you are, and thank you for the kind comments on my last post, I'm loving being back posting on my blog! Right, now i'm off to attempt to sort out my clothes for holiday and top up my tan. 
charlestown vintage summer holiday kikis boutique
charlestown vintage summer holiday kikis boutique
charlestown vintage summer holiday kikis boutique
Travel Wallet by Disaster Designs c/o Kiki's Boutique
 Denim Jacket: Topshop

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10 July 2013

Riding on the big old red bus

The other day we ventured to Knole Park to ride a Vintage London bus (fully equipped with a bus conductor and old ticket machine!) which travelled around the town and dropped us back off at Knole, just in time to enjoy the National Trust cake and ice-cream (one of my favourite things about a NT visit ha!). What with the weather being a lovely as it has, the Knole estate looked as charming as ever, especially with the herds of deer huddling round the trees and families with picnics! 
Hasn't this weather been amazing?! I don't ever want it to end, but in true British fashion - isn't it just a little bit too hot? - i'm going to be in the 34 degree Florida heat in exactly two weeks, how am I going to cope?!
I'm now back home in Kent, having said goodbye to Falmouth and University life just over a week ago, and after moving my mass of 'stuff' on a 6 hour car journey, I think my room is finally starting to take shape. Now just the task of finding a job (!). 

Quite a while ago, I was sent this beautiful MINK PINK dress from Out + About, and it's so pretty that I haven't really taken it off since! It's so colourful and such a summery print that when it arrived I was a little bit nervous about how exactly to wear it, especially as my clothes tend to be a little more bland colour-wise, but it's just so... pretty. I threw on my (or my old housemates) trusty fedora and old lady sandals and was ready to face the overwhelming heat and beautiful sights. 

♥ Dress: MINK PINK via Out + About 
 Fedora: Topshop
♥ Sandals: Office
♥ Sunglasses: Topshop

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