1 December 2015

Hello December

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December is here and how the hell did that happen? I can't quite believe the year is nearly over, it's been a pretty big one for me, what with becoming freelance and starting a new career (but more on that later). Here's to December and everything we've got to look forward to...
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1. Seeing everywhere come to life, with all the towns and villages full of lights, music and people, and Christmas in London is why it's my favourite city with Liberty and Fortnum and Mason showcasing amazing decorations and baubles, ice skating rinks next to historical beautiful buildings and just a generally excited (yet hectic) atmosphere. 

2. Berlin! I'm off on a little adventure to Berlin for the first time next week and I've been wanting to explore the city for so long! I'm looking forward to catching up with one of my besties and having her show me around all her favourite places, as well as exploring the Christmas markets and interiors shops, finally getting to try the famous Burgermeister, seeing the Berlin Wall along the East Side Gallery, hopefully experiencing the Jewish Museum and indulging in lots of German beer... the list goes on!

3. Finally feeling the weather change and embracing the cold weather with lots of layers and knitwear, making gloves and scarves essential! Fingers crossed we see some snow this year, surely the flurry we had the other weekend can't be it. Also, the winter weather also means that a daily hot chocolate is almost an essential and no longer an indulgence - everyone knows calories don't count in December...

4. I'm looking forward to doing lots of extra Christmassy stuff. I want to make sure I really enjoy this holiday; making as many mince pies and jam tarts as possible, embracing all the cheesy songs, tacky decorations, classic films, relaxing days by the fire with a food baby, spending lots of time with my loved ones, enjoying an egg nog or two - and taking lots of photos to remember it all!

What are you looking forward to this month? 
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