17 November 2011

City of Lights

Christmas is on it's way!

Yesterday I went to pick up my new camera, which is why I haven't blogged as much lately! I was getting pretty fed up with using my iPhone as a camera, but I'm so pleased with my new Canon, the picture quality is just perfect in comparison, it's so weird taking a picture and the camera just sorting the focus out for me, I suppose i'm just not used to it!
I was able to take my camera out for the first time last night to the Truro City of Lights, which is procession of tissue lanterns made by the local schools and University. The theme this year was Wildlife, and the lanterns were amazing, from small penguins, fish, flowers to massive horses, polar bears and baboons! It was such a lovely experience, I've never seen the streets so packed, it seemed the the whole area turned up. Plus, the Christmas lights were turned on at the end of the parade, which just made the night feel extra Christmassy!
I apologise for the picture heavy post, all of the models were so amazing and looked so intricately made, it was really hard deciding which pictures deserved to be included on this post! I would probably have to say the polar bear and peacock were my favorites, polar bears being my favourite animals, and the peacock because it was such a large model but had been made to that the feathers opened and closed as the parade progressed through the streets!
Now i'm all super excited for Christmas as a result of last night, and due to all of the Christmas adverts coming on television! I've got lots of posts lined up for this blog, and I can't wait to show them all to you! May even post twice today, ha! I just want to say thank you to all of my new followers, it makes me so happy that people are happy to follow my blog, and that, what I think is just silly ramblings and awful pictures, is actually read regularly! Thank you again! 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. woohoo! i love seeing Christmas lights but i'm counting down the days until my advent calender can be opened haha :)

    mollie from musicandmollie

  2. wow, amazing photos! i cant wait for Christmas!! xx


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