31 March 2012

Polka Dot Dress and a Mint-Coloured Mac

Freedom has never tasted so sweet!
Dress: New Look Mac: Greenwich Market Shoes: River Island Bag: Gift
Hello everyone! I'm back! I handed in all of my mega essay deadlines on Thursday, and now it's my Easter Break! Tomorrow i'm off to Prague with my University History Society, and Sheri from Justblogitallinstead, and it should be an amazing holiday! Prague sounds like an amazing city, and i've had a lot of suggestions from Rachel from Cold Knee's. I'm hoping there'll be a few Easter markets, so I can buy some gifts for my family!
  I'm so glad that the term's over, and I can have a break from work for a little bit! The past few weeks have been so stressful! I can't wait to get back into blogging either, i've literally had no time whatsoever to blog at all! But i'm planning on taking a lot of pictures in Prague! 
  Hope you're all enjoying your Easter break! Expect another post very shortly about Prague! Have you all finished from University and school now? Are any of you doing anything special this Easter? Oh! Do any of you have any special places you'd recommend in Prague, i've never been before, so I'd really love to hear your suggestions, thank you!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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8 March 2012

I'm guest posting!

Hello everyone!

See the rest of this outfit on Caught up in Cake!
If you fancy taking a look, I'm guest posting on the lovely Katy's blog today, Caught up in Cake! I've never, ever guest posted before, so hopefully it was okay! Hope you all enjoy it!
I've been swimming in work lately, but expect a new post from me sometime this weekend!

Hope you're all having a lovely week,
Love Charlestown xoxo.
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3 March 2012

Pink Lace with Wooden Heels and Socks!

Dress: Miss Selfridge Shoes: H&M Socks: Topshop Bag: Cath Kidston
My Valentine's Day Dress;

March, for me and for this blog, is a fresh-start, I'm going to forget just how uninspired i'd been in February, and am going to start again on my posting! I'm really excited about getting back into it! I'm so excited for spring, having experienced a few hints of it's arrival lately, with lovely warm weather, and the blooming of daffodils. I also cannot wait for Easter, it's one of my favourite holidays! Over the Easter holidays this year, along with massive amounts of revision, i'm going to be spending a week in Prague! Expect a weeks worth of blog posts coming up on that towards the start of April! Is everyone enjoying the warm weather? How're you finding the change-in-season clothing, I want to stay in a coat until at least May, and am not quite ready to get my legs out all the time! This is the dress I bought for Valentine's Day, it's so pretty and I just love the colour so much! I took a picture of the present my boyfriend Alessio bought me, I'd been looking for a type-case tray for such a long time, never managing to find the right one, when I was surprised with one as a gift! I haven't got many little bits to put on it yet, but hopefully i'll soon be able to fill it with memento's, maybe even from prague!
Thank you for sticking with my little blog, it must have been pretty boring to follow as of late! But I can promise you that's going to change, I can't wait to get my little blog up and running, and start talking to my blogger friends again!

Hope you've all got lovely weather wherever you are, and spending your time enjoying it! It's definitely one of the big bonuses of studying in Cornwall, I have a beach just a five minute walk away!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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