29 April 2012

Easter Holidays and Birthday Celebrations!

1. Our house in the Bay in Devon 2. Hot Chocolate and a Scottie Dog biscuit 3. Our decorated Easter tree, with pretty little Easter eggs! 4. My favourite magazine. Ever. 5. My little Pug Frank being cheeky 6. My Easter egg cupcakes 7. Old fashioned Ice Cream Parlour in Broadstairs 8. Old painting of my birthday month flowers 9. Birthday Krispy Kreme's 10. My amazing birthday present from my boyfriend! 11. Emma Bridgewater Jubilee Teapot I received from my parents for my birthday 12. Peter Pan Collar, Polka Dots & Pointy Shoes 13. Hot Chocolate & Macaroons 14. Leopard Print Shirt 15. Jubilee Tin from my mum! 16. Make-shift Fondue 17. Pastel goodies from Topshop 18. Tremough High Tea Society cupcakes!
Jubilee Teapot & Paris!
So i'm back at University, and my time at home feels like a dream now, it flew by so quickly! These are a few snapshots from my Easter break, my Instagram name is charlestown92 if you have it too! After spending the first week in Prague, I visited my family for a day in Devon where we had a lovely little house in the bay. It was lovely being back at home, and being able to properly relax and spend time with family after my stressful couple of weeks beforehand. We decorated our Easter tree, visited Broadstairs and went into the retro ice-cream parlour, Morelli's, and I made Easter cupcakes! Thank you for all of the lovely birthday messages, I had an amazing 20th birthday! All of my family came over, and Alessio stayed for the day, I had many Krispy Kreme's and received some amazing presents! My mum and dad bought me the amazing Jubilee teapot from Emma Bridgewater, which looks lovely on my shelf, and Alessio surprised me with a trip to Paris for the summer which i'm so excited about! Please let me know of anywhere you'd recommend visiting in Paris, i've only been once that I remember of where I didn't get enough time to properly explore! After getting back to University on Friday, I spent the evening baking for mine and Sheri's Tremough High Tea Society's event on Saturday where we raised over £300 for Asthma UK. Sheri did an amazing job organising the event, and you can see her amazing baking skills in my picture.
After having a lovely month, it's now time to concentrate on revision, and look forward to the summer, where I have an amazing work placement that i'll let you all know about soon! It's with my dream company, and i'm so excited about it!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and are all getting on with revision okay! Good luck with all of your exams!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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20 April 2012

Rose Patent Loafers & Detailed Dress

Dress: Topshop ~ Collar Dress (just seen): Topshop ~ Loafers: Russell & Bromley

Last post as a teenager;
Tomorrow is my 20th birthday, so today's my last ever day as a teenager - feels so odd saying that (although, being a twenty-something sound's pretty good!) My two nannies are coming to stay from Scotland, and we're expecting them later this evening, my boyfriend Alessio should be coming over tomorrow morning also! I never really get too excited about my own birthday, but tomorrow should be lovely having everyone together! I can't wait to eat massive amounts of Krispy Kreme's as my birthday cake, I've waited too long for one of their 'original glazed' goodies. 
These shoes are the new loves in my life! I got them last month from Russell & Bromley, being the same as my other pair but in a lovely rose colour! They're perfect for Spring and Summer, and they're the comfiest shoes i've ever worn. Trust me. I practically live in my other burgundy coloured pair, and they're still in perfect condition! What do you think of the colour, I was worried they wouldn't really go with anything?!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, are you up to anything special? See you when i'm a year older, and hopefully a bit wiser, ha!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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16 April 2012

Pastel Pencil Skirt & Scalloped Lace

Blouse: H&M Pencil Skirt: H&M Socks: Topshop Shoes: H&M 

And Sunday breakfast at the Diner;
Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 
This outfit is a bit unusual for me, as i've never really worn many colours, i'm always a bit wary of them, not knowing which colours go with which ones best, etc. But I really love all of the pastel colours coming out this Spring, particularly the mint colour, so I fell in love with this skirt straight away when I saw it! I really want to try to be a bit more adventurous with what I wear, all of my clothes tend to be navy, camel or black, ha! I bought the skirt and blouse (which is lace and has scalloped edges!) in Cambridge on Saturday when I visited with Alessio, it was my first visit and I can't wait to go back in the Summer to properly explore, it's such a beautiful town. On Sunday morning, we had breakfast in our local American Diner, which I stayed at over the summer . Does anyone else have a weakness for pancakes and maple syrup? I think I could happily eat them every morning! I really love American Diner's, I'd love my kitchen when i'm older to be in a similar style, with the plastic-y green booths and metal tables! Do you have any American Diner's near you? I'm on the hunt for more!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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11 April 2012

New Hair!

Full fringe and a bit of a chop!
So this morning, I was feeling brave and went for a bit of a drastic change with my hair. I was feeling a bit fed up with it, it was badly damaged and my side fringe-y bits were getting too long, and I was starting to feel like John Lennon, not in a good way! After seeing Carrie's of Wishwishwish new hair, I was tempted to go for a similar style, I loved her fringe! To be honest, the change in length pretty shocked me, and I know it's going to take a while for me to get used to it, but I'm sure I will! What do you think of it? Do you ever fancy a drastic change with your hair? 
Sorry about these silly pictures, by the time I got a chance to take them, the natural light was starting to fade, so they're pretty yellow and in the brightest corner of the room! I went to Canterbury today with my family, I love that city so much! We took a boat tour, and had tea in Patisserie Valerie. It's one of the places I miss visiting most when I'm at University, have you ever been before, it's such a lovely place!

Hope you've all had a lovely day,
Love Charlestown xoxo.
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8 April 2012

Praha 2012!

The History Society visits Prague;
So I've just come back from a week in Prague with my University's History Society. I had such an amazing time; the city was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the food delicious. We visited the local museums, including the Museum of Communism, and I tried the local delicacy; Beef goulash and dumplings, so tasty! The Old Town was so pretty, the Easter Market was out, everywhere was beautifully decorated with painted eggs, easter trees and pretty coloured ribbons. The architecture of the city was amazing, especially with the gothic church dominating the skyline and overlooking the market square. We spent a day looking around the city's Castle, Palace and Cathedral, situated on a hill overlooking the city with the most amazing view. The Cathedral was so decorative, as you can see in one of the pictures below. To be honest, I'd never really considered visiting Prague before this trip, but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone; the city is beautiful, with all of it's mismatch of different coloured and sized buildings in endless rows. Plus, how could anyone resist the delicious sweet 'staroceske trdlo'; a sweet pastry covered in cinnamon sugar. 
  I couldn't do a blog post without thanking the two people that organised the entire trip, Sheri of Justblogitallinstead and the Society President Grant. I had such an amazing trip, so thank you so much for organising everything, picking a beautiful city, and finding the best hostel! Thank you to everyone who came on the trip too, it was the best bunch of people, and you all made the holiday the best it could possibly be!
  On another note, Happy Easter everyone!! I'm now home from University and enjoying being back in my home and spending time with my family. Today we're decorating the house with easter eggs and bunny rabbits, and sourcing twigs to make our easter tree. Hope you all have a lovely long weekend!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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Playsuit: Urban Outfitters Necklace: Gift
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All photo's by me, or Annie
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