6 February 2017

Living Room Update: February Mood Board

We've lived in our flat for just under 5 months + even though that involved buying a lot of new accessories + furniture, there are still a lot of bits missing, which are (I would say) vital! Our flat is in a big Georgian building, so the living room has a massive window and high ceilings, which I absolutely love, but natural lighting still ain't great - plus, all 4 walls in the room are painted in a very dark grey, so it really needs a pop of colour! The dream would be to paint 3 walls in a pure white, with one dark grey statement wall, but for now, I think I'll just fantasise about white, pink + more spring-coloured accessories.

 Before going overboard with fluffy cushions + rose pink pots, there is something we actually do need and that's dining chairs; so no more dinner on the sofa + we'll both be able to work at the table at the same time. We have an Ercol drop-leaf table which is AMAZING and a piece of furniture I've always wanted but never thought I'd get, so I thought that matching chairs were the way to go, but with a lot of original + mid-century inspired furniture in one space I think it might be a bit of an overkill. Instead, I think something more modern with an interesting shape and in white would look so much better, especially against the dark grey walls, so say hello to my current obsession; the wishbone chair, a reproduction of the iconic design by Hans J Wegner. They are quite pricey, hence why I've lusted over them for a good year now and never purchased, but I guess if I settle for something else I'll always look at them and wonder 'what if?' (so dramatic!). I'll throw a sheepskin over each one for a bit of cosiness + hopefully it'll look as amazing as I imagine it will!
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After dining chairs, my next goal is to create some form of gallery wall; it'll break up the grey + just add some colour to our walls! I've fallen in love with the Plants on Pink print from Mink Interiors; (why do pink and green look SO good together?!), and I think I'll use it to base the rest of our art around; adding in a bit of monochrome + patterns. Living in a rented flat, we can't really put anything into the walls, so I think we might go for the picture shelf from Ikea, that way you only have two screws going in to the wall.

What do you think of my plans so far? If you live in rented, what have you done to add your own touch into your home? 

You can see more of my flat inspo on Pinterest:


9 January 2017

Falling For Green Interiors

Though Pantone have named the Colour of the Year 2017 as Greenery, a bright and fun colour inspired by the yellow-tinged tropical leaves, it's not the only hue having a moment this year. From forest and moss to emerald and bottle, green is definitely one of the key colours to keep your design eyes on this year, and I'm sure it won't be hard to come across either; leafy greens even featured heavily in Gucci's SS17 show and in the catwalk design itself!
For me, seeing a whole feature on amazing verdant interiors in the latest issue of Living Etc, and a must-have list of velvet green sofas (now featuring highly on my flat saving-up-for list!) in Elle Decoration, only makes it even more apparent that this year, the spotlight is on green.
I love that, being such a versatile colour with so many hues to choose from, green really does go with any interior scheme; whether it be luxe and glamorous teamed with rich velvets, statement brass pendants and crystal glass, a scandi-inspired and simpler look of featuring a key furniture piece showcased against a simple monochrome backdrop, or styled with blush tones and a warm metallic to create a much softer inviting scheme which encapsulates all of 2017's key colour trends.
Now, maybe you're feeling exactly how I felt this time last year or so about green; it being a colour I wouldn't consider wearing, or introduce into my home unless it was in the form of a house plant or cacti, but I'm sure these interiors can convince otherwise. While we may not be ready for an entirely green home, or can't willy-nilly paint a rented flat in a rich emerald green, there are always lots of ways to introduce it into a scheme; these are some of my favourite pieces:
What do you think of Greenery for 2017? Ready to embrace + fill your home with a range of verdant hues, or still unconvinced?

1. Frame Armchair in Grass Cotton Velvet, Made - £599 |  2. Wild Wood Clock in Swedish Green, England at Home via Trouva - £29.99 | 3. The Element Bottle in Baltic Green Marble, Amara - £45.00 | 4. Beaded Geo Overlap Cushion, West Elm - £49.00 | 5. Knot Tiles in Jade/Milk, Marrakech Design - 930 SEK | 6. Hexagon Vase in Dusty Green, Smug - £39.00 | 7. L'Espresso Cup in Green, Smug - £25.00 | 8. Kershaw Marble wallpaper, Osborne & Little | 9. Velvet Cushion in Bottle Green, Mink Interiors - £48.00 | 10. Normann Copenhagen Amp Lamp Gold + Green, Trouva - £80.00 | 11. Green Marble Hexagonal Chopping Board, Trouva - £49.50
All photos found on Pinterest

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