28 October 2011

Thick knit jumpers and pointy collars.

My Monki Purchases!
I recently bought a few bits off of the Monki website, and spent over a week (im)patiently waiting for them. I think that I can happily say that it is quickly becoming one of my favourite online shops. The clothes are all amazing; I'd been on the look out for a plain blouse with a pointy collar and Monki had the perfect one, and for half price too! Everything has a feminine feel, from the chiffon dresses, to the thick knit cardigans and jumpers. Plus, being the sister company to H&M, nothing is too out of my price range! I can see myself living in Monki for the rest of winter now! I would really recommend taking a look at their online shop, all of the prices are in Euro's, but they do ship to the UK, and it only takes a little over a week.
Blouse, Skirt, Coat: Monki Loafers: River Island Belt: Seriously Old!
I just have to tell you how much I dislike these pictures, I look like a five year old girl! Plus, I never even noticed the massive crease in my top until looking back at this! Oh well, I just wanted to show some of the things that I bought, so please bear with me, ha!

I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner, where has this year gone? Me and all of my housemates bought lots of decorations for our house last night, can't wait to put them all up! We're having a party Monday night, and I'm dressing up as a dead bride, so my mission for today, and this weekend, is to find a really old wedding-y dress!
How do you feel about Halloween, I know that it seems to be the holiday that's either loved or hated? What are you dressing up as for Halloween, any ideas? 
Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. I love halloween, I'm being a zombie pirate. I love the skirt.x

  2. Thanks for your comment, I live in ashford :), not as nice as tonbridge.x

  3. You literally look the most adorable person EVER! Love the colour of the blouse, and your coat is gorgeous!
    Halloween sounds fun your end, I'm taking myself and my kigu to Freeze fest. Not really scary! But my idea of HEAVEN! Enjoy your weekend beauts x

  4. I have now fallen in love with everything on the monki website! my bank balance is going to take quite a knock! great post
    Maryam xx

  5. I still haven't managed to buy anything from Monki! I've had a few looks in their Selfridges concession, but always have to run off before I can buy! Love the coat so much (:

  6. i love the colours in yuor look, they go so well together. lovely blog by the way - following you! :)

    Mollie from musicandmollie

  7. ooo I hadn't heard of Monki before but it sounds fab, really like what you bought :)I'll have a little look on their website!
    My mum loves halloween, she always decorates our house from head to toe, does a fab feast and is amazing at carving pumpkins :) Im pretty sure she prefers it to christmas :P
    <3 Holz oxo

  8. Monki has the best clothes! Dead bride is a great idea for a costume..I'm not going to any parties this weekend sadly..too much homework! xoxoxoo

  9. I love both Monki and halloween :) I love the costumes!

    Your outfit looks great too!

  10. You may already know about it but when I saw this website www.jijikiki.com I thought it would be right up your street. I should warn you now though I may have blown a good proportion of my university budget on it.

  11. Oh, this outfit is lovely - you look so sweet! Great coat. x

  12. I absolutely LOVE your blog header! Did you draw it yourself? x

  13. Peachesandnothing: Thank you, wow that sound's like such a good costume, hope it went well! xo.
    kfedland: Ah thank you, what's the Freeze Fest! Hope you had an amazing time! xo.
    Rebecca: Thank you! xo.
    Maryam: That's exactly how I felt, I should really ban myself from looking on their website! xo.
    Michelle: Ah thank you, wow I didn't know they had a concession, must see it when i'm back home! xo
    musicandmollie: Thank you so much, that's so lovely to hear! xo.
    HollyCarole: Oh wow, that sound's amazing! I'd love to see pictures of it all decorated! xo.
    Fashion Cappuccino: It really does, doesn't it! Ah, hope all of the work went well! xo.
    Jazzy E: Thank you! xo.
    Niina: Thank you! xo.
    Rachel: Ooh, I haven't heard of it before, i'm having a look now, amazing! Thank you!! I'll prepare myself, ha! xo.
    Emma: Oh thank you so much! xo.
    Hannah: My friend drew it, she's amazing! Thank you! xo.
    Rachel: Thank you! xo.

  14. Lovely outfit! and i'm in awe of your header its so cool! x

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