4 October 2011

Back to University!

My little 'love affair'
I suppose you could say that I have a little love affair with stationery. Whenever University comes back around, it's probably the thing that I spend the most of my time lusting over, and money on! I have a little bit of an obsession with diaries, for some reason I have about five for this year alone, and I doubt that I'll ever write in them, they're just nice to look at!
My favourite stationery company at the moment is O-Check. They're a Korean company that produce the loveliest designs I've ever seen! They all have an old-fashioned feel to them, with French phrases on the front of the diaries, floral patterns, and even stag images. 
I couldn't resist the brown case, with staining and French phrase on this diary, and quickly snapped it up when I saw it!
I've been attempting to write in it so far, I find it hard not writing lists of everything that needs doing.
However, i'm left-handed and write quite strangely, (everyone seems to comment on it!), and really do not want to ruin the pages!

I wanted to apologise for my lack of posts recently, it's been over a week! But i've only been back at university for a week, and am still settling in, there's been so many things going on. I've been helping out at various mentor events, history society meetings, and just the other day was the Fresher's Fayre where I held a stall for my High Tea Society. The response was amazing, and over 230 people joined in under two hours! I don't have a clue where we'll find a tearoom big enough!
I've also been attempting to organise my bedroom. I have so many little bits and pieces, but no where to put them! Here's a sneak peek;

It looks pretty hectic, I know, but hopefully it'll all be sorted soon!
I'm also hoping to buy a decent camera soon, so expect proper outfit posts, more Week in Photo's and Historical Outing Posts!

Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. Good luck with university! and wow thats a lot of books :P

  2. Good luck at Uni, I must check out that stationary company you mentioned!! x

  3. Wow I love that diary! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with stacks of books in my room too :) xoxo



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