23 October 2011

Historical Outing Post No.2!

St. Mawes, Cornwall
During my first year at University, I never properly ventured out of the campus and local towns. However, I vowed to changed this as I brought my car with me for second year, with the aim to explore my beautiful surroundings that is Cornwall. It would seem like such a shame/waste if I spent 3 years in an area that I never truly knew. So today, me and Alessio decided to venture to St Mawes, a little seaside village just over the Fal Estuary. It's such a lovely little town, if a little small, made up of cobbled streets and cute little cottages. The sea was treacherous and I felt like I spent the entire day clinging onto my hair. 

St Mawes hosts one of the best-preserved coastal artillery fortresses built under the reign of Henry VIII, built between 1539 and 1545 to counter any invasion from France and Spain. It's such an amazing building to look at from the outside, but I was quite disappointed with it inside, there was no information inside and the site was left completely empty! When I visit historic sites, I like to be bombarded with information, pictures, and interactive bits to  fully learn about the site. Oh well, I had a delicious roast and cream tea which made up for it!

 Horse Print Blouse: H&M Skirt: New Look Loafers: River Island Tweed Coat: Topshop (couple of years ago!) Fur Lapel: ASOS Tote Bag: Scottish National Trust

I've recently become a bit obsessed with fur, especially fur collars. I saw this one on asos, and loved how big it was, and immediately was thinking about how many of my coats it would just jazz up a little bit. Plus, it was so warm in the crazy wind today! What do you all think about the new 'fur trend'?
I've set up a lookbook page for all of my upcoming outfit pictures, which I'm planning to do more often! I was really nervous about having my pictures taken in a public place, but it wasn't too bad as the town was so quiet! Ha! 
Are there any little seaside towns that you love near you? Or any National Trust or English Heritage sites that you can't resist visiting? 

As a big thank you to all of my amazing new followers, I'm planning on writing a giveaway post, which should be up this week, so feel free to check it out! 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. Cute photos babes!
    Love your fur stole, this is on my list to buy one as soon as I get some money! haha! Love your jacket too x

  2. you are so lucky to go to university in such a beautiful place. I went in London - and I deeply regret it, as now I have to work here too (PR isn't really done anywhere else!) I would have loved to have been beside the seaside...

    This is making me want to turn back the clock a few years! p.s the fur stole is gorgeous and props to you for going faux it's the only way xxx

  3. I love fur stoles, getting one on payday tuesday at last, that fortress looks so nice, I'm obsessed with castles, I really love dover castle and that every bit of it is from a different time period, I think it's my favourite that I've been to, and hampton court is always nice to visit in the summer- and you get to wear a velvet cape as you walk round. Think whitstable is the only nice seaside town near me, all a bit chavvy near me.x

  4. Ah your fur lapel is gorgeous, and St Mawes looks really quaint - I love a good coastal town!

    Penny x

  5. I love going and exploring little towns, having just moved to London i can appreciate towns so much more now! Especially seaside ones!

    You look darling too btw!!

    xoxo Jess SparksandFireworks.blogspot.com

  6. wow this looks like a gorgeous little town,I love visiting places like this, really enjoyed looking at your photos :) i love the pink building!! (being just a little obsessed with pink things hehe :P)
    really glad iv found your blog i love it!
    im following you now :) oh and am following you on twitter too :D
    <3 Holz oxo

  7. Cornwall is an absolutely beautiful part of the country! I went there on holiday and I fell in love with it, I didn't want to leave. Thank you for posting these photos, they are gorgeous and remind me of it :)!



  8. That is a perfect idea! I have loads of coats that need some snazzing up with fur. Beautiful photographs btw, I like that you're not just standing in your room for your outfit photos but you have wonderful backdrops. pollie xo


  9. I gave you and your fab blog a Versatile Award xx

  10. Ah, i love your coat. Have wanted a grey one for ages but haven't manage to find the right one yet, shame this is from a few years ago :( The search goes on! x


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