18 October 2011

Flapper's Delight

Cocktails and Tapas at Dolly's

The other night, me and Alessio tried out Dolly's Cocktails and Tapas, and you can see what I wore here! Once we'd managed to choose which one to go for out of a list of amazing names, they were served up in teapots and teacups! We went for Flapper's Delight, a mix of vodka, vanilla, lime and apple juice, so delicious and refreshing. I was a bit apprehensive at first, never having had a cocktail before, but i'm so pleased that I did! I love the cat teapot that it was served in, and have been searching on ebay since for one! I might give it a go, and try to make some at home, serving them with my new tea set too.

Have any of you made your own cocktails before? Are there any you'd recommend, I'd quite like to experiment a bit!

Love, Charlestown xoxo.


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