14 October 2011

Outfit Post No.1

Getting ready for Cocktails!
(This is my first proper outfit post, and the first in my new University bedroom! So apologies for the silly poses, silly faces, and annoying camera quality!)

Dress: River Island Shoes: New Look
I'm getting ready to try out cocktail night at Dolly's Tearoom in town, where I went the other day, apparently they serve them from teapots into cups and saucers, how cute! They also all have unusual names like 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' and 'St.Valentines Day Massacre'.
I'm wearing my dress that arrived the other day from River Island, I'd been lusting over it for a while until it sold out online and in the shops that I managed to have a look in. That was until I found it on Asos and snapped it up!
I love the fit, it's sort of Alexa Chung-ish, wouldn't you say? I don't know, it's just too comfy as well, I can see it being my go-to dress for an evening out! Pictures will be taken tonight, and they'll probably pop up on here.
I just want to say thank you to all of my new followers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. YES perfect dress! I'd wanted it all of last month, and snapped it up at the end of last month. I've already worn it to an interview, a party and 3 nights out. Must stop wearing it! but it's oh sooo pretty!
    Looks gorgeous on you too!x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous dress, have had my eye on it for a while- looks amazing on you! Your room looks gorgeous too xxx

  3. I love this dress too, thanks for the tip-off about ASOS!


  4. Ah thank you! It's so comfy, I just have to try to force myself not to wear it to EVERYTHING, ha!

  5. Ahh I want that dress! Your room is so cute.



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