21 October 2011

Polka Dots & Autumn Air

Latest Purchases!
There are some really good charity shops in my University town, but I never get the chance to properly have a look in them and do them justice. However, I was able to the other day, and was lucky enough to find a couple of items that I just couldn't resist buying!

1) Polka Dot Shirt;
As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to buy it. Polka dots feature quite a lot in my wardrobe, they go with nearly everything and just add a little something to even the plainest of outfits. I love the fit of this shirt, it's a bit too big for me, but with a waist belt or tucked into something high-waisted it's perfect!

2) Flower Print Blouse;
I love this blouse, I love the colour, the buttons, the collar, the pocket, basically everything about it! It's just a shame it's a tad too big, but I quite like it a bit baggy over a tight dress, or cinched in with a waist belt. Ah, I just love it, I could happily wear this everyday, I'm glad it's starting to get colder now so I can wear it with a chunky knit and have the collar on show!

3) Last but not least, Dark Blue Velvet Maxi Dress;
You can't really see in the pictures, but this dress is a lovely dark blue colour. For some reason, whenever I think of autumn and winter clothing, velvet is one of the first things I think of, for wearing at Christmas parties and on Christmas Day. I love the colour and the shape of this dress, but the length swamps me, plus there is a massive split at the back, which ends on my thigh. I'm going to do some playing around with it and shorten it by quite a bit. I can just imagine wearing this as a mini dress, cinched in at the waist with a slight flair, whilst eating a roast back home!

Have you found any hidden gems recently in charity shops? After finding these, I'm definitely going to have a look more often! What are you favourite things to wear in the autumn and winter?

Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. Great purchases, i love the polka dot shirt - i'm a sucker for all things polka dot! x

  2. Love the daisy blouse...but forget the clothes..LOVE your vintage LP player tucked away in the corner...gorgeous! Massively jealous right now!!x

  3. Velvet is the best for fall/winter! I love charity shops but haven't been in ages as they don't really exist in Spain. : ( Glad that you scored some lovely things though!

  4. Those are all great finds, and I have to say that I have a weakness for snapping up anything with polka dots while thrifting, so I really love your first top! xx

  5. love the first top will be so cute under jumpers :)
    my eyeliner i used in the photos is the maybeliene gel one its really good :) before that used bobbi brown gel liner which was really good to but then dried out :( xx

  6. I just discovered your blog I love i! Another fellow historian like me! Maryam

  7. Some great finds, I discovered a Burgandy Silk Shirt not too dissimilar from your polka dot one, a couple of seasons ago when silk shirts were all the rage. it was a size 18! But worked well with a belt like you say!

  8. love the polka dots!

  9. The dotted blouse is perfect! I'm looking for something like that

  10. Your university room looks incredible. Charity shops are always full of good finds, the velvet dress will be a beautiful party dress.

  11. love the polka dot blouse-im totally loving polka dots atm! i think navy blue is such a gorgeous colour and its perfect for winter :)
    I'm never brave enough to venture into charity shops as none of the ones where i live seem any good but you've found some really fab pieces here :D
    <3 Holz oxo


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