10 June 2012

Guest Post: Lovely Livvy from tea.toast.fashion

dress: ruby room ~ belt: vintage ~ watch: rotary
Hello lovely readers of Charlestown Vintage!
For those that don't know me i'm Livvy of tea.toast.fashion, a place for fashion, photography, food and bad jokes! I come from a little village in Essex (with my little Essex accent) and I have just finished my first year for fashion with photography at Southampton Solent.  
Today the beautiful Charlie has asked me to guest post so I decided to show you my most 'charlestown' dress, the print and shape always reminds me of something Charlie would wear! 
Today I am Queen of the electric sander and sprucing up a desk whilst singing Robbie Williams loudly (I know, I know, I lead such an exciting life)
A big thank you to Charlie for letting me ramble on her gorgeous blog!
love livvy


  1. Lovely dress Livvy, such a pretty print! You look beautiful as ever

    Julia xx

  2. Aw I love Livvy from tea toast fashion lovely idea to feature a guest post on your blog!

  3. Gorgeous dress, I can't believe I've never come across your blog before :-) xxx

  4. Looking super cute! www.diamond-solitaires.blogspot.co.uk

    shyla x

  5. Cutest dress ever :) And I love the Robbie Williams classics haha ~ox


  6. She has an amazing kind of beauty. I know this isn't a post about her face, but I just have to write it:)

  7. livvy you are really rather beautiful the dress is lovely too! and robbie williams too!! could this post be any better?
    wonderful to have discovered your blog thank you charlie x

  8. Livy you look great! Very dreamy indeed. Oh there is nothing wrong with singing Robbie William songs... I was singing 'shes the one' the other day... :P

  9. IF I WAS A MAN RIGHT NOW.. i would have wet myself from the fact livvy is on charlie's blog. two babes, on one blog. this is a dream right now.
    you look beautiful livvy, and you keep singing to robbie all you like. AND CHARLOTTE BIG LOVE FOR YOU TOOOOOOX.x

  10. and look at my terrible grammar. i just get too excited.x

  11. The dress is so pretty...Love it <3

    Mimi x

  12. Re: Kfedland you don't need to be male to wet yourself.

    I agree with everyone, livvy does look dazzling beautiful. I'm getting a Clemence Poesy-esque vibe. Maybe you just look french I don't know.

  13. you look so beautiful. such a lovely blog. would you like to follow each other?



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