19 December 2011

Winter Wonderland!

A (mini) Winter Wonderland, Cadbury Cocoa House and some last minute shopping!
Today me and Alessio attempted to tackle the crazy shopping centre nearby for some last minute Christmas shopping. I really am not going to leave it so late next year, but thank god I'm all finished, such a relief!! A whole new 'entertainment' area has been opened, with so many restaurants, and a winter wonderland set in New York! Everything, and I mean everything, was in keeping, with 'subway' maps, mini Ed's Diner food stalls, and even a Statue of Liberty! The ice skating rink looked amazing too, but it was just so busy!
In between the frantic rushing around, swerving in between other shoppers, we stopped and had lunch in Cadbury Cocoa House. It really is lovely inside, with massive jars of all of our favourite chocolates and sweeps throughout the room, teacups and saucers on the wall, and an old-fashioned tearoom feel in the corner. I had a sausage 'butty' and a cup of tea, of course, which was delicious! I feel so relieved that all of christmas shopping has been done, and I was even able to buy a coat that I've been eyeing up for ages from H&M, which was half price!!

Sorry about the picture heavy post! I've been carrying my camera round and snapping shots like crazy lately, there's just so many things to take pictures of, what with all the pretty Christmas-sy things going on! I'm going to London tomorrow with my mum and sister's, and having lunch in Liberty's so expect a post on that soon! 
Thank you to all of my new readers, it's really lovely to know that my blog is regularly read! Thank you! Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas so far, not even a week left now, eek!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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  1. Looks like a lovely place, & I adore your stag head ring!


  2. Every.single.one.of.these.photos are just perfect. As are you beautiful murray mint.x

  3. Aw this sounds like the perfect day out! Such beautiful photos, especially lookin' so festive! (:

  4. beautiful beautiful photos!
    look like you ahd lotsa fun!

    join my Christmas Giveaway

  5. Awwww glad ya home safely!! love these images and all your rings xxx

  6. lovely bit of ring actin going on in your snaps, how cute are those cups and saucers too! x x

  7. Can't wait to see the coat,I didn't know that ketchup came in jars, that is too cute.x

  8. Look at all those teacups! I've recently become obsessed with pretty teacups, especially vintage ones. You look lovely and I hope it was fun!


  9. You take great photos! Now following!



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