14 December 2011

you know you could never make me love you more.

Back home for Christmas!
Blouse: H&M Skirt: H&M Coat: Topshop Scarf: Edinburgh Woolen Mill Bag: Urban Outfitters
I've been a bit absent on the blogging front, and I'm really sorry! I've just been pretty caught up with Uni work, which was all due in last week, phew, then my family came and stayed for the weekend, and then yesterday I tackled the 6 hour journey home and made it back last night!
  My first day back at home has been lovely so far, it was my little brother's Nativity play with his nursery, which was pretty funny to watch, having about 30 three & four year olds singing 'Little Donkey' and dancing to 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'. Now, i'm just about to go out with my mum to choose our Christmas tree! I love Christmas tree's so much, especially the smell, I'm just really not keen on the decorating, does anyone else think it seems so exciting and fun until you actually get round to doing it, and then it's just so time-consuming haha, and it never turns out how you planned! I've still got my mess of a room to sort out, I think I brought nearly my entire wardrobe home, which is just spread out across my floor, ha! Oops! 
As you can see, I brought way too many jumpers back, but how could I choose between these jumpers though?! They're all Christmas-sy! The other picture is just a little bit of my room, as the majority of my stuff is at Uni, my room at home is pretty empty, I really want to decorate it, but i'm not too sure how I want it!
  Is anyone going to the Blogger event with MyStreetChic on Friday? I've bought my ticket, but i'm not too sure if i'm going. I'm really nervous that I won't know/recognise anyone there, and would be arriving on my own, which I really hate doing! If you're thinking of going, please let me know!
Love, Charlestown xoxo. 


  1. So jealous you're home already! You look great sweet, I love that Cath Kidston bag...I've one on my xmas list, here's hoping mum will take note! Aha xoxo

  2. You look lovely, the bag is gorgeous!


  3. Have fun at home, aw your brothers play must have been so cute, your jumper collection is lovely..x

  4. I'm deffo going tomorrow, if you get this in time twitter me your number and i'll meet, walk in with you! P.S. loving your skirt so bad x x

  5. need more jumpers in my life, can't find any that are long enough on me at the minute, they all look lovely! and i adore your cath kidston bag in this print

  6. Dollface, I just had to check on your blog because I haven't spoken to you for ages! I completely agree about Christmas tree decorating, I was so excited to get it out the box, and then when it got round to it I got bored after 5 minutes!!
    Your outfit is adorable, and I love how you've perfectly lined up your shoes you little angel!
    I hope you went to the blogger party!

  7. Love your skirt :)

    Chelsea x

  8. I really like the way you put this outfit together with the mix of the spotty skirt and checked scarf :) I want to steal your bag too!


  9. i love your coat and your floral heels on the last photo! where are they from? i'd love to know!

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC


  10. Love these outfits you loo darling! :)



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