17 November 2012

I like it in the city when two worlds collide

Description of Photo
Polka-dot Midi Dress: Miss Selfridge
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: Edinburgh Woollen Mill
Hat: New Look
Boots: Office
Socks: Madewell
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Polka Dots & Red Tartan;
Eek, I don't think that I am quite 100% sure about this outfit! Looking back at the images now, I really don't think the jacket, or the boots, look quite right. But oh well, I love the dress, and that's all that matters! I bought this dress at the end of Second Year from the a sale at Miss Selfridge, and as much as I love it, the length has put me off just a little, and as I tend to wear belts with everything it causes the skirt to hitch up and just look a bit silly. But it has really lovely lace detail (you can't really see it here), and of course, I love the polka dots. But I think next time i'll definitely wear it with a longer coat, one that doesn't make me look quite manly on the top half of my body, ha!
I've had a pretty good start to the weekend this morning, with a bacon sarnie and cup of tea for breakfast followed by a couple of hours lazing about in my room, to make up for a couple of stressful days that I've had this week. Thank you for the good lucks for my presentation, it went really well and a lot better than I thought, even if I did stumble over my words a few too many times. What are you all up to this weekend? Have any of you seen Twilight yet, me and my fellow 'twi-hard' (lame!) housemates are seeing it tomorrow, and I hear we are in for a treat!

P.S. Does anyone know if Cornwall feels the effects of the changing seasons a little later than the rest of the UK? I keep seeing blog posts filled with beautiful fallen leaves and autumnal hues, and I haven't seen a hint of it here! I want to be able to walk through a sea of leaves and throw them into the air, and be able to see all the pretty golden colours when I look out of my window at my desk. It's making me miss being at home even more, the village looks so beautiful during the Autumn. Please Cornwall, sort it out. 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.


  1. Ugh I love your style so much it's getting ridiculous! x

  2. I love your outfit, especially the scarf and dress. I think the coat and boots look lovely here!! xxx

  3. I really like this outfit, the pattern clashing of the scarf and dress looks lovely.
    And not sure about Cornwall, but I was at uni in nearby Plymouth last year and that always seem to be completely out of sync with the rest of the world season-wise, so maybe you'll get your leaves soon!



  4. My gosh this dress is so so amazing! I wish I was tall enough to pull off midi dresses :') I love the way you've styled it too so stop questioning yourself!

    You can have some of the stupidly cold weather from up here if you want xoxo

  5. Love that dress! Sometimes things that don't match look great and this is definitely one of those times. Love the outfit :) x

  6. ohh you stylish thang! this outfit is gorgeous xoxo

  7. This dress is beautiful! I actually think it looks really nice with the jacket x

  8. You're outfits are always stunning, you have nothing to worry about.

  9. this dress is actually gorgeous, it would never suit me though :(

  10. Love the dress! You look so cute and vintage!

    I'm going to a reggae festival this weekend, but that's it!

    Ava Tallulah

  11. I love how you've paired everything together, especially your very autumnal and festive red tartan scarf. <3

  12. You are so pretty its unreal. So natural and gorgeous.

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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  13. I love that dress! I love anything that has polka dots in it actually but...yeah.


  14. it took me a while to start wearing midi dresses as well because of the length, i was afraid they'd make me look frumpy but this dress looks really cute on you! :)


  15. love the outfit!


  16. I love how you've put this together - I think the dress and boots work really well together :)


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