13 October 2012

My Perfect Chanel-esque Dress

Chanel-esque Dress: Primark 
White Shirt: H&M 
Burgundy Coat: Topshop
Deer Satchel: Accessorize 
Patent Loafers: Russell & Bromley
Photo's by Alessio 

I'm so in love
The day I found this dress was a pretty special day for me. I have a severe weakness (if you hadn't already noticed) for the pinafore style dress. I don't know if it's a result of the number of Enid Blyton novels that I read when younger, dreaming about the tartan, pleated dresses, collared shirts and little berets, or my sheer nostalgia with fashion and the Chanel-esque tweed two-piece. This dress is perfect for this season, with it's silver flecked tweed, and I love it with a collared shirt underneath (school-girl chic, anyone?). It's also got a very structured skirt, so has a very flattering shape. Yes, there really are no faults in this little frock. And so i'm sure you can just imagine my sheer amount of amazement when I saw this little dress on the rail in Primark. My perfect, beautiful, Chanel-esque dress in Primark. And there I was thinking that nothing could make my day any better, until I saw the matching jacket hanging next to it. Ladies and gentleman, I was one happy shopper that day, and have been since. Who would've thought it. The little matching outfit was a little more expensive than their other products, but you can tell why by their level of quality. If you share my affection for such outfits, get yourselves down to Primark. (I'm yet to wear them out together, fearing looking like a bit of a secretary at University, but i'm just building up my courage to pretend i'm walking around Paris with Coco Chanel!)
Oh, I might start taking some adverts on my blog, would anyone be interested? If you are, leave me a little comment and i'll get back to you! 

Love, Charlestown xoxo.


  1. This dress is perfect. I am definitely going to get myself down to Primark. I love pinafore dresses, but I'm a teacher and last time I wore one for work with a collared shirt underneath a 5 year old child told me I shouldn't be wearing it because I looked like a school girl! School girl chic all the way! x

  2. the dress is gorgeous, i love it xo


  3. That dress is gorgeous!
    Looking lovely! xx

  4. Such a pretty dress. I've not been to primark in a while, I'll have to have a look round! x

  5. You look lovely and the dress is gorgeous, Primark amazes me sometimes!

    Courtney x

  6. That is such a cute dress, I NEED it! x

  7. Absolutely love this! I never seem to find anything nice like this in Primark, waaaa! x

  8. I love that dress, I have been in there three times! I think the next time I'm in there I may have to get it, but I'm have to punk it up a litre. You look stunning, very gossip girl xxx

  9. That dress is beautiful! I love how you styled it. I wish we had Primark here in America. Oh, well! :)

  10. Lovely outfit, absolutely love the coat!
    Can't believe the dress is from Primark, I can never find nice things like this :-(


  11. WOW! This dress is absolutely amazing on you! Was quite curious, when I read your tweets about the perfect 'chanel-esque' dress; and it certainly lives up to expectations.

    Primark is really upping their game.

    -Love Joyce

  12. that's a great find for primark! i'm glad to hear they have a bit of a better quality/slightly more expensive range and it looks lovely on you with the white shirt underneath.

    little henry lee

  13. such perfect pretty dress sense ! x

  14. Gosh, I love this!

    New follower here :D xx
    www.rosereviews1.blogspot.com xx

  15. The shape of that dress is perfect!

  16. OMG need this dress. It looks so expensive.

  17. Gorgeous dress! I love making a good find in Primark :) x

    Holly's Beauty Review

  18. That dress is so beautiful, can't believe it's Primark! You look so lovely Charlie

    Julia xx

  19. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  20. Can't believe this is a Primark find! I'm so impressed; its just lovely!I need to follow your blog for more finds like this baby!
    Ohh i loved the Enid Blyton books, especially noddy!


    From Emc-dot.blogspot.co.uk


  21. okay, i'm going to primark tomorrow, and it's your fault! xxx

  22. i just bought one of the new primark dresses like this, in burgandy. and i live in it! i bought the shorts a few years back which is a similar material to this, and they've done so well! honestly the best dresses ever. amen to primark!x

  23. Aw I saw this yesterday on the rail, and I have to say, it looks much better on than off - I wanna go back for it now! Love it.


  24. lovely blog! is this coat in this seasons topshop or last seasons? x

  25. Thanks for the tip, it's a fab dress! I often find that if you have a good hunt in Primark you can find some nice pieces, especially this season with the heritage inspired line. Also, their cheaper items are great for customising if you're a craft lover, as they're so cheap it's not a total disaster if they go wrong!

  26. I absolutely love the dress! I'm after some pinafore dresses to wear with a concertina ruffle collar blouse underneath and I've already spotted a houndstooth shift in Primark so I clearly need to get my bum in! xo.

  27. Love your dress, it's so pretty!

    Lana, xo

  28. This dress is perfection, love how you've layered the blouse underneath.

    Jo. x

  29. This outfit is perfect! so in love with your dress, hope I can find it in my local Primark

    Sjmwell x

  30. Love love love this dress, so cute! & from Primark - such a good find x



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