19 May 2012

What Charlestown Did: Celebrated the Olympic Torch!!

The Olympic Torch in Falmouth!
Today the Olympic torch set off on it's 70-day relay around the UK, with Cornwall being the first county visited, and as I study in Falmouth I couldn't miss the opportunity of witnessing the torch go through the little seaside town. It's been a pretty special day, I don't think i've ever seen it so busy! When the parade was making it's way through the high street, all you could see were Union Jacks and the Cornish flag, as you can see, I had my flag at the ready! Me and my housemate Melanie ventured into town a bit earlier to get some pictures, which was a pretty good decision seeing how busy it got just a little later on! Not only was it lovely to see such an event, it felt really nice to be out of the house for a little bit! 
Bunting, bunting, bunting;
After the Olympic torch paraded through the town, it came right past my house, so me and Alessio had a bit of a rush back to see it again! It's been a really lovely day, I feel so lucky to have witnessed it, and so close too! It was also really lovely to see the entire town out to  cheer on the torch, and to witness the town all decorated in the Olympic spirit! I'm pretty looking forward to the Olympics now, it's not everyday your country gets to host the games, and it'll probably only happen once in our lifetimes!
Does the Olympic torch pass through your town? I think it's also visiting pretty close to where I live at home, so I might get another chance to see it again! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Oh, I set up a Facebook page for my blog, so that all of my posts/news/updates can be in one place, feel free to like it if you want! Thank you!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.


  1. Lovely post Charlie! It's going through my town in wednesday, I'm very excited!

    Julia xx

  2. lovely photos!


    helen @ http://www.thelovecatsinc.com

  3. These posts about the Olympic torch make me feel all patriotic and proud (: I miss the torch as it goes through my home town when I'm away at uni and then goes through uni when I'm at home, but hopefully I'll see lots of pictures! I'm making up for it by eating union jack fondant fancies on an almost daily basis - it's a hard life! (: xx

  4. That looks like such a pretty little town! I'm hoping I will get to see the torch too. I think it goes through my uni city after my lease has ended but hopefully everything will work out and I'll still be living down here then!
    I love all the bunting and union jacks :) x

  5. oh this is SO neat to see personal pictures! i wish i could see the olympics in london this summer. the summer olympics are the only time i really care about useless sports like swimming and polo and bottci ball. (i really don't even think the last two are olympic sports. they're just the first things i thought of off the top of my head.)


  6. that looks amazing, and such nice weather!!
    really hope the torch is passing somewhere near me so I can get a look :)


  7. Ohh these images look so perfect!! i want to live there haha I WILL one day xx

  8. Ahh Falmouth is so pretty :) How cool you got to see the torch up close! xx

  9. great photos! looks awesome :)

  10. How cool, do you plan on attending the Olympics? Really liking your outfit too. The coat is a perfect length and the high shorts/tights look great together.

  11. Aw how exciting that you saw the Olympic torch shenanigans! I love all of the patriotism in the country at the moment (: forever in love with your trench coat too Charlie, must bite the bullet and splurge on one this summer! xx


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