14 May 2012

Chelsea Boots & Faux-Fur Collared Leather

Leather Jacket: H&M ~ Shirt: Zara ~ High-waist Jeans: Topshop ~ Chelsea Boots: River Island ~ Scarf: Edinburgh Woollen Mill ~ Sunglasses: H&M

End is in sight!
So I had my second exam today, i'm so close to the end of my second year at University! Today actually went really well, it was the exam of one of my favourite modules, Crime & Punishment in America, amazing! 
  Now I sort of have to admit how this outfit isn't really that 'me'. I don't tend to wear jeans, usually sticking to more girly skirts and dresses (usually with collars ha!), but as i've only been getting dressed for exams, jeans are the easiest things for me to chuck on. But I think my love for them is actually growing, shock horror. Although, there's so many pretty skirts and dresses out there that I want to get my hands on, has anyone seen the bunny skirt from Topshop, so cute!
  Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my latest post, for some reason I was pretty nervous about posting it, but now I can't wait to post something interiors related! Not only am I looking forward to the start of June as it brings the end of my exams and a week with my family in a Cornish cottage, but also the Diamond Jubilee! I really, really love Royal Memorabilia, I have quite a few of old Jubilee teacups and saucers and recently bought the new tin from M&S. I really want to have a proper Great British party, with lots of red, white & blue bunting, and traditional British food. Oh and of course, lots of tea. Are any of you doing anything special for the day? I'm not too sure if my village at home is having a street party, I hope so though! I'm going to be posting some of my favourite Jubilee finds sometime this month, and there's quite a few goodies, trust me!
  Sorry this post only has outfit pictures, I haven't had anything else to photograph lately, other than my mass of revision notes! Hope revision and deadlines are going okay for everyone, just remember that summer is just around the corner!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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  1. I love your jacket and blouse, they look lovely together. Glad your exam went well! My village has raised loads of money for an event for the diamon jubilee, I'm so looking forward to it!

    Julia xxx

  2. I love your boots and jacket, you look amazing as always lovely! Also, very excited to see your interiors related post! Lovely as ever, xx


  3. im so happy your second exam went well!
    i love this outfit, especially your jacket (its lush), you suit jeans!
    ohhh im excited to see what Jubilee finds you have lined up i love them too
    hope the rest of your exams go well lovely
    love livvy xo

  4. That top looks so pretty! Glad your exam went well! xx

  5. love this outfit, you look amazing


    helen @ http://thelovecatsinc.blogspot.com


  7. eeek, good luck with the rest of 2nd year!
    you look lovely :) x

  8. You look lovely in jeans! Love your Chelsea boots too xo

  9. Love the print of that blouse, so pretty! :)

  10. I LOVE this outfit, you look amazing as per! xxx

  11. Fantastic outfit, I really love the check scarf hidden within the look, it's great!


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