7 January 2012

Unexpected treasures!

Floral embroidered dress

I saw this dress quite a while ago on Olivia, and fell in love with it! I don't really own an all black dress, and have been wanting one for ages, so when I saw this in Primark, and in the sale, I bought it without any hesitation! I love how it just goes with everything because of it's colour, but it's not too work-y because of the lovely floral print around the collars, sleeves and skirt. Plus, it's a really thick material so I can wear it in the winter, and it looks really well made. Has anyone else noticed how good Primark has been lately for clothes? I haven't managed to visit one in such a long time, seeing as my nearest one at University is nearly two hours away, but i've seen so many skirts and blouses on bloggers that you wouldn't believe were Primark. 
How have your weekend's been so far? I'm trying to do some work right now, but keep getting distracted with Urban Outfitters and Asos now that my loan has come through! 
Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post, it was so simple to make, and it would be such a good gift idea. I've been thinking about making quite a few of them with vintage china and scented, coloured, candles and selling them, do you think this would be a good idea? I'll let you know if anyone does happen!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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  1. The dress is gorgeous! You wouldn't for a second think it was primark - definitely must go in there! haha.

    Lovely post!

    jade, xxx

  2. Your dress is so pretty! Can't believe its primark! Agree with you that they have some very lovely bits in at the minute! xx

  3. Hey there pretty lady! It looked good on Olivia, and it looks bloody good on you two! Such a cute dress, so simple being black but added detail. I LOVE IT!
    I also need to hit up Primark, haven't been for aaaaages! xx

  4. So pretty as always :).. Wouldn't think primark at all.. Reminds me of a kate moss one I have xxx

  5. I don't mind saying Primark is my absolute favourite store!

    Lovely dress, the belt makes it even prettier and makes your waist look tiny!

    You have a very nice blog, new follower :-)

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  6. I see so many nice things on blogs from primark and can never find anything good in local ones. Sigh, what one do you go to when you're in kent? I love that dress x

  7. Such a pretty dress! I love the little detail around the collar & sleeves.


  8. You look so gorgeous in this Charlie! May have to whack mine out of my wardrobe again! xxx

  9. There isn't a primark at my uni either, had my first visit to the one in bexleyheath the other day. I was literally amazed at the quality of the shop and the clothes! May well be worth my time trying to get to one more often :) I love your dress too :) x

  10. Oh that dress is so lovely! It has a vintage feel to it which I love!

    Kirsti xx

  11. Such a lovely dress, I totally agree Primark has been quite good for clothes recently but I never really get a chance to go and it's always so busy so I just walk past most of the time

  12. THIS DRESS IS FROM PRIMARK?! No way! I never find nice stuff in there haha, but I love this dress xx

  13. The floral dress looks adorable on you!

    Jazz xo

  14. this looks amazing on you :)

    Great blog!

    Laurie Rose xx


  15. This floral dress is gorgeous! I love it


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