11 January 2015

My ASOS Picks for January!

I would have to admit that I probably take a sneaky peek at the ASOS website at least once a day (please tell me I'm not alone!), and even though I save all my favourite items, I've never actually created a blog post highlighting my monthly favourites. 

This month however, there's just too many bits that I love, ranging from camels, denim and hints of red, to more monochrome and utilitarian pieces, so I've pulled out a few (too many) pieces below that I'll be trying to squirrel away some of my wages for. 

charlestown vintage asos favourites

I love the fact that I can get inspiration from everywhere with ASOS; unlike a lot of other brands, their clothes and content isn't targeted to only one type of individual, or one clothing style, but in fact to everyone. Additionally, I can find inspiration in my favourite celebrities when they arrive on my doorstop on the front cover of the ASOS magazine, notably with Taylor Swift's feature which was a mixture of bubblegum girlie-ness with 60's vibes and new-age metallics, to some of my favourite bloggers on ASOS Fashion Finder, showcasing their latest outfits that mix ASOS finds with other items that tend to be totally copy-able! 
charlestown vintage asos favourites
Way to go ASOS! If you've got any favourites on ASOS at the moment, let me know - I'd love to see them - you can also find me on ASOS Fashion Finder.
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  1. You know, I love the Asos range of clothing they do - it's classics and it's trendy pieces and they are cheap but much better quality then some other high street brands.
    Also their petite range is really well thought out! Always a winner when your 5ft!
    Love Bella xox

    My blog, Little Isabelle

  2. I so agree, ASOS are so customer focused and always strive to make the community feel included. It's my first stop whenever I'm looking for something specific - sometimes I won't find what I'm looking for but usually end up saving a handful of new things to my wishlist while I'm there.
    Emily | MISS BLACK

  3. That drop waist dress is to die for! And I agree, a lot of what's on ASOS isn't my cup of tea, but there is ALWAYS something I love on there. They really do cater for everyone.

    - Elodie x


  4. Number 2 - OMG! Haven't been on ASOS in a while, but this has definitely inspired me to have a cheeky look.

    Natalie x


  5. love the red dress very much.
    it's so beautiful!


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