22 September 2011

Historical Outing Post No.1

Ightham Mote
(I really do not like the name of this post!)
The other day, I decided that I was going to make something of a regular post relating to history and the historical sites that I visit, as I tend to visit them quite a lot. This is my pioneer post so wish me luck!

  Ightham Mote has always been one of my favourite sites, I’m not really too sure why, but I just love how it’s such a beautiful building situated at the bottom of a hill, surrounded by trees, and of course a moat. It’s just seems so beautiful, but isolated! Strangely enough, it’s actually only a walk away from my new house, so the other day, me and my boyfriend had a lovely stroll there and spent the day looking round the house and having a delicious lunch.
    The house itself is over 700 years old, and has been owned by medieval knights, some of Henry VIII’s courtiers and high-society Victorians. David Starkey even described it as being ‘one of the most beautiful and interesting of the English country houses’. But for me, personally, I would just happily live in the Servant’s Quarters, I loved the Butler’s kitchen, with all of it’s wood panelling, as well as his ‘living room’ with the massive bell jar and old-fashioned settees.
When we were walking back home, we managed to stop for some outfit pictures! I really don't like it when someone else is behind the camera, but it's all alright, I suppose it's just something i'm going to have to get used to if I want to actually have outfit posts of decent quality on here!

Top: Topshop Skirt: H&M Boots: Office Jacket: Topshop Bag: Gift from Nan

If you read my blog, I would really love to hear what you think of it, or what would you like to read on it? I really love blogging, and I want to be able to adapt and improve my style, so I would love feedback!! Thank you,

Love, Charlestown xoxo.


  1. what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i really like it :)

    love, lola

  2. Oh thank you!! That's so lovely to hear, I've only really just started out so in pretty unsure! :)

  3. great post I'm a real historical fanatic myself. love it! keep posting :) xx


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