17 September 2011

Autumn Excitement!

'dark days of autumn rain are as beautiful as days can be..'

Autumn is, and always will be, my favourite season. I’ve never been keen on being too hot, or too cold, and you can easily add or take away an extra layer in autumn! I love being able to wrap up warm, and still feel the chill of the autumn air on your face and hands. I love the tonal colours, from the reds, oranges, and browns. Going for walks in a sea of red leaves, hearing their crackles and crunches with every step. I love waking up to a sunny, but chilly, morning seeing nothing but frost and dew on the ground. Autumnal clothes are also my favourite, layering dresses with a thick coat, tights and boots. Plus, how could anyone resist toffee apples?! I know I certainly can't!

(All photos are from WeHeartIt)

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