30 August 2012

A long weekend in the Big Apple

New York City
Time really does fly, I've already been back from my family trip to NYC for 3 days and yet I still can't quite believe that the holiday has been and gone! I had such a good time, I love the city and having been there twice before, it was nice to remember good places to eat, sights to see and just generally know my way around their strange road layouts (although so much more logical than ours and once you can get your head around it, so simple!) We had four days in the city, and I took so many photo's (way too many to include on here, especially as many are pretty dodgy and blurry). We walked everywhere(!) exploring the different areas, I particularly liked Greenwich Village around NYU and parts of the Upper East Side that seemed more residential and it was nice to be surrounded by native New Yorkers as everywhere else was so packed with fellow tourists trying to take in the sights. And on a really hot and humid sunny day, weaving in and out of groups of people whilst trying to take a photo that isn't majorly wonky or blurry is not so much fun! But it's to be expected. New York is amazing, and I love it, it's a city that I could definitely see myself living in at some point, i've even started looking for some sort of paid post-Uni internship! I'm just imagining it now, i'd be in food heaven, and would probably end up living off their marble cake (which I had for breakfast probably a bit too much!) and Shake Shack. If you ever go to New York, I'd really recommend you try it - that's if you enjoy the tastiest burgers (ever!) and thick & creamy milkshakes. Wow. I still can't quite get over just how good it was, why isn't there one in London?! Another thing that I loved about New York which I think we miss over here is their deli-style supermarkets, with buffet salads, pastas, amazing fresh breads and pastries as well as everyday products (but even they were better - with so, so many varieties and all in really attractive packaging - something i'm a bit of a sucker for!), they even tend to have  seating areas on a separate floor. Moving on from the food, there really are some hidden gems of beauty in NYC between the rows of traffic and people, our hotel was in Bryant Park which looked so pretty a night with the twinkling lights in the trees and glass restaurant attached to the library. It was nice to see how many people used it to relax in even late at night, with lots of tables and chairs on the lawns. 
Sorry about the ranting, it's hard to describe how much I like NYC in a blog post! 
So now i'm back home, I have a couple of days to relax and plan for Paris where i'm off to next week with Alessio. I'm so excited to visit Paris; the history, the architecture, the museums, the pastries, God i'm going to be in heaven. Me and Alessio have rented a little apartment near the Sacre Coeur, and it looks so lovely in the pictures! 
I'm also hoping to add more of a historical aspect to my blog, I love history (which I have probably made apparent by now) so I really want that to be more highlighted in my blog.

Love, Charlestown xoxo.



  1. One of my favourite cities, I envy you so much, looks and sounds like you had a lovely time xx


  2. Aw lovely photos :) I went to NY in 1999 but really want to go back as I was too young to appreciate it.. glad you had such a great time! xx

  3. Oh New York looks absolutely wonderful, I so want to visit. Have an amazing time in Paris too, you will love it, it's so pretty!

    Julia x

  4. Ahh I'm so jealous! The city I've always wanted to visit, it looks amazing!

  5. Looks like you had a great time - beautiful photos! :) x

  6. Ooh, New York AND Paris?! Renting a Parisian apartment sounds like heaven. Have fun!

  7. Your photos make it look even more amazing than I imagine it to be! So so jealous (: One of my friends at uni has gone to live in New York for her year abroad, kicking myself for not choosing that degree now! xx

  8. Oh wow! I was in New York this last weekend too! We might have crossed paths! I totally agree it's an amazing place and i loved Greenwich Village too, such a cute place! Have fun in Paris! xo


  9. ahh i'm so jealous!! new york and paris are probably my two favourite cities and you're going to both within a few weeks of each other!

  10. I adore New York too and I feel like you really captured the heart of the city in your photos. The hustle and bustle of NY does help give it it's charm & being swept up in the crowds can be intimidating but I love diving in and becoming a part of it!Like you, i've been several times & always look forward to going back again as soon as possible- I miss it so much when I'm not there.

    Jealous of the beautiful weather you got- last time I went (april) it peed it down for 4 days!


  11. I love NYC so much. I think we need more delis over here!

  12. NYC is definitely up there on my 'go-to' list! There just seems so much to do I don't even known where I'd start.

    Morag x

  13. I'm glad you had fun in NYC! That's where I'm from. Next time if you have time, you should check out the nice shops and quaint restaurants in the downtown area. :D

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  14. NYC is amazing your pictures are making me miss it. Paris is even better enjoy your time there and indulge in the lovely food they have to offer x

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I live in NYC and love every inch of this city. Jade, the other half to Girls En Ville, would love to move here from Paris. Your photos are great, and Fish's Eddy is by far one of my favorite spots in the City.



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