27 July 2012

Red, White & Blue!

Polka Dot Peplum: H&M ~ Blue Trousers: Mango ~ Burgundy Loafers: Russell & Bromley

Happy Olympics Day!
Hello! I thought that I should probably wear my best Olympic-inspired outfit today to celebrate the opening ceremony! Who else is excited about watching it tonight? Are you going to any events, my dad managed to get us tickets for the semi-final of men's diving! To celebrate, my outfit had to be red, white & blue, so I put on my new peplum top that I bought in the H&M sale in Bristol, i'd been after it since it first came out, it's such a nice fit!
Sorry (once again) about my absence for the past week, it's been pretty busy for me! I spent Friday to Monday with my family and boyfriend, Alessio lazing about, with lots of food. On Tuesday I was helping out at a photo-shoot for Homes & Antiques magazine in North Acton, and was asked back on Wednesday. It was such a good insight into the running of a magazine shoot (I didn't realise just how much thought goes into each still-life photo, and how one button or pin can make or break the photo), plus I loved looking at all of the lovely antiques bits and bobs being used! Tomorrow i'm driving back to Falmouth with my dad, to move into my new house, and will be driving back straight after, hello 12 round-trip!
Hope you've all had a lovely week so far, and enjoy the opening ceremony tonight!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
P.S I didn't realise just how noticeable the pockets of my trousers are? Horrible!
P.P.S Sorry for these lacklustre posts as of late! I haven't really had that much spare time recently, but after Saturday I will so you can expect more interesting (hopefully) posts from then! 



  1. I love the Peplum! You look adorable. Yay for the Olympics :) can't wait.

    Ava Tallulah
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  2. this top is so cute, Im loving everything with a peplum on it at the moment!
    p.s hope your move in down in Falmouth goes well :) xx

  3. I love this outfit and the peplum is really flattering on you,

    Chloe x x x


  4. gorgeous outfit, love the peplum :D xo


  5. Ooh, I adore your peplum top! It's the perfect print and colour (: I must admit, I haven't been too enthralled by the idea of the Olympics, but now that I'm safely sat in the comfort of my living room, I'm a teeny bit intrigued as to what the opening ceremony will entail! Hope everything's going well, the shoot sounds lovely, are you still interning there? xx

  6. I want your top, it's absolutely stunning!


  7. Cute outfit! Love the peplum top :) The opening ceremony is so exciting!!

  8. I always look forward to your posts, you look so beautiful I cant even say. Perfect <3

    Lea x


  9. Oh I'm a big fan of your peplum top! Suits you greatly and looks ace with trousers. I thought the ceremony was alright, highlight being Rowin Atkinson, brought back memories of watching Mr Bean as a kid!

  10. ooh that top is so pretty, suits you very well! hope the move goes well lovely

    Julia xx

  11. You look lovely, I've yet to try anything peplum but you pull it off very nicely :) I don't have any Olympic tickets, I did watch the opening ceremony though! x x

  12. Hi Charlie!

    The peplum trend suits you so well!

    Love Joyce

  13. Your hair looks beautiful, I love it! Really pretty top, it suits you :-) xxx

  14. love the peplum top! it looks so pretty on you.

  15. Love you top, it's so cute!! Xx.

  16. I adore this top, it really is the perfect fit! and I didn't notice the pockets.

    Jo. x

  17. Loving the peplum top, think I need to swing by H&M! :)

  18. You look amazing! Love the top :)
    You are definitely one of the best dressed bloggers that I follow :)


  19. Love the peplum top, it's so pretty! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  20. Awh I really love your blog its so cute and vintage! I just found it now and Ill be busing myself to read the rest of your posts :D Im now a proud follower! :3 The top you are wearing is so pretty!
    Sofia x

  21. ohhhh hello beautiful lady!
    i love those trousers they look amazing!
    i always get loafer envy from you, i wish mine didn't hurt my feet so much!
    love livvy xo

  22. Aahh I love that peplum top so much! x


  23. got to love a bit of the peplum trend! so hot right now!
    lots of love!


  24. Wow I love the peplum top, I haven't actually seen anyone at all round my area wearing one!! Mad, they look beautiful!



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